Cover Date: June 1974

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Artist: Gene Colan

Inker: F. Chiaramonte

Letterer: Artie Simek

Colorist: P. Goldberg

Editor: Roy Thomas

Main Characters: Dracula, Shiela Whittier, Quincy Harker, Inspector Chelm, and Lilith
Synopsis: Dracula has returned to London after his battle with Dr. Sun.  Now he visits Parliament to see how his slave Lord Henry has fared in the tasks he has set him to.   Lord Henry reports that he is working on getting Dracula diplomatic immunity and that he has secured a castle for him-Castle Dunwick.   The only problem is that the castle is inhabited by one Shiela Whittier.   Lord Henry tells the Lord of the Undead that Whittier can be disposed of easily.

Meanwhile a father beats his daughter for getting pregnant.  The daughter's boyfriend reveals that the couple have been secretly married.  Enraged, the father lashes out at his daughter's husband, killing him in the process.   Seeing her husband killed, the young woman is engulfed by hatred for her father.   This allows the spirit of the vampire Lilith to possess her.   Lilith proceeds to kill her host's father.  Lilith then sets out to revenge herself on the man who destroyed her more than thirty years ago-Quincy Harker.

Elsewhere at Quincy Harker's estate, Quincy Harker is on the telephone with Rachel Van Helsing.   She informs the leader of the Drac Pack that she believes that Dracula is finally dead.  Harker relays this information to his fellow vampire hunter Taj.   Taj then leaves the Harker estate without telling Harker, leaving a short note behind that he is leaving.

Lilith arrives at Harker's home, disguised as a stranded motorist.   Harker invites her into his home where she transforms into her true form, attacking Harker and draining him of his blood. 

Chapter Two:
"Ghost on Haunted Hill"
Dracula surveys Castle Dunwick from the outside.   Inside the castle, a young woman named Shiela Whittier is awakened in the middle of the night.   She gets out of bed, prepared to face the mysterious forces that have attacked her every night for the past two months.   Shiela walks through the castle until she opens a door to find Dracula waiting for her.

At a nearby bar, Lilith is drinking while a group of men wager that their companion Stephen Willingham won't be able to woo Lilith.  To the men's surprise, Stephen walks out of the bar with Lilith.   Unfortunately for him, she is after one thing only-his blood.   She attacks Stephen in his apartment, leaving his corpse behind.

Back at the Harker estate, Scotland Yard's Inspector Chelm has arrived to pay a call on Quincy.   Chelm discovers Harker's body and calls for an ambulance.

At Castle Dunwick, Shiela Whittier asks Dracula why he has come back to torment her.  Dracula informs her that he has never been at Castle Dunwick until tonight.  She collapses into Dracula's arms and begs him to stay.   Dracula tells her that he cannot stay but that he will return.

Dracula goes outside where he spies a vampire bat flying by.   Can it be; has his daughter Lilith returned? 

"Demons in the Dark"
Dracula follows the bat to a soccer game in London.   Lilith changes from a bat into her true form and the father and daughter have a terse conversation. 

The two recall how at the direction of his father,  Dracula engaged in an arranged marriage with a woman he despised.   Once his father died, Dracula sent the woman and their young daughter away.   Dracula's wife met a gypsy and paid her to take care of her daughter.   Dracula's wife then proceeded to commit suicide by plunging a knife into her chest.  

Not long after, Dracula was transformed into a vampire.   When he killed the gypsy's biological child, the gypsy swore revenge and cast a spell on Dracula's daughter Lilith.   The spell granted Lilith the powers of a vampire without its limitations such as susceptibility to sunlight, holy objects, and garlic (however Lilith could be destroyed by a stake).   The gypsy told Lilith that she would possess the body of an innocent woman who wished the death of her father.  

For nearly five centuries, Lilith has haunted her father.  Now, she tells him that she wants to form an alliance together so that they can rule the world.   Dracula spitefully dismisses her and leaves the soccer game. 

At a nearby hospital, Inspector Chelm checks in on the condition of Quincy Harker.   Harker's doctor tells Chelm that he has given Harker blood transfusions twice before after attacks by Dracula.  He is confident that Harker will make a full recovery.

Back at Castle Dunwick, Shiela Whittier is tripped by an unknown force and plummets off of a staircase.   Fortunately for her, Dracula is there to catch her.   Dracula tells Whittier that she will be his new agent.   Unlike the bumbling Clifton Graves (Dracula's previous servant), Shiela will make a good agent.  

Dracula then sets out to find out who is tormenting Shiela.
Dracula is surprised by an assailant who stakes him.   However the stake has missed Dracula's heart and Dracula attacks his assailant.   Dracula is surprised to see that his assailant is none other than his slave Lord Henry.   A despondent Henry tells Dracula that something freed him from Dracula's spell.   Dracula tells Henry that he is going to die.   Henry pulls a gun on Dracula.   Dracula thinks that Henry is going to use it on him but instead, Henry shoots himself with the gun, denying Dracula the opportunity to kill him.

Dracula then comforts Shiela, telling her that her torments are through.   However while Lord Henry's threat has been eliminated, there are more sinister forces at work which will soon plague Shiela and Dracula.

This issue introduces one of the series' more interesting characters-Lilith, the daughter of Dracula.   Lilith is nearly as old as her father and she has spent most of her undead existence haunting and harassing her father.   What is especially noteworthy of Lilith is the fact that she possesses all of the vampire's supernatural abilities but none of its weaknesses save for the vulnerability to wooden stakes.    Unfortunately Lilith was rarely seen again in the regular Tomb of Dracula comic book.   She would make other appearances in Marvel's black and white horror magazines such as Dracula Lives!.

Another interesting female character is introduced here; Shiela Whittier.   Dracula sees in her the agent that he has been looking for-someone who is intelligent and reliable.   Dracula is not catching Whittier at her best but still has faith in her abilities.  

There's no-prize material in this issue as Lilith states that she died on the night that Quincy Harker's wife Edith was slain by Dracula.   However in another story, it is revealed that Edith committed suicide.