Cover Date: December 1974
Writer: Chris Claremont
Artists: Don Heck
Inker: Frank Springer
Letterer: R. Holloway
Colorist: L. Lessmann
Editor: Roy Thomas

Main Characters:  Dracula, Quincy Harker, Elianne Turac, Inspector Chelm, & Kate Fraser
SYNOPSIS: An enigmatic blind woman named Elianne Turac leads a band of terrorists to a private party that Quincy Harker is attending.  The woman warns Harker to come peacefully or she will kill everyone present.  However when Harker agrees, she orders her men to kill everyone as she doesn't want any witnesses.   Harker pleads for their lives but the woman ignores his pleas and knocks him out with a tranquilizer dart.

The woman is happy to have Harker as her prisoner as it means she will have the Montesi Formula, a spell capable of destroying vampires.   With it, she will destroy Dracula and avenge her father.

She thinks back to the fall of 1459 as she rode with her lover Aron to her father's castle.   She discovered a chilling sight once she entered the castle walls- all of her father's men were slaughtered and drained of their blood.   Elianne hears Aron scream and races to him, only to discover that her father is a vampire.   Her father pounces on her only to be staked through the heart.   Turac thanks his daughter for freeing him from the vampiric curse and commands her to find and destroy Dracula. Elianne recalls how she studied the black arts and sacrificed a child in order to become immortal.   The cost was steep however as the dark forces took her innocence, joy, love, and finally, her sight.

Back in London, Dracula feasts on a couple who are trying to get out of the rain.   Afterwards, Dracula thinks of how he will turn Rachel Van Helsing into a vampire, a fitting end for the granddaughter of his accursed foe Abraham Van Helsing.

Two days later, Elianne is displeased to find out that her scientist Reuger has been unable to get the location of the Montesi Formula from Quincy Harker.   Harker claims that he does not have it.  Elianne tells Reuger that she will try sorcery to break Harker's will as scientific methods of torture have failed.

One of Elianne's soldiers Stefan tells her that he and his men will destroy Dracula.   She laughs at the idea which only serves to enrage Stefan.   Elianne tells Stefan that she has schemed for five hundred years to destroy Dracula and in the process become as evil as he is. 

Meanwhile, Elianne's men are driving Harker to Elianne's country estate when Harker attempts to escape, causing the car to crash.   Injured, he crawls out of the wreckage and is confronted by one of Eliane's soldiers.   The man is enraged because his friends died in the crash and he sets out to kill Harker.   Only the timely arrival of Dracula saves Harker.   Dracula interrogates Harker and learns that a woman from Saracen Associates is after the Montesi Formula.   Dracula goes to kill Harker but he is stopped by Scotland Yard's Inspector Chelm and Kate Fraser.

Not long after, Dracula enlists the aid of one of his slaves in order to send her after his foes at Saracen Associates.

Dracula enters the high-rise building housing Saracen Associates.   There he navigates through a gauntlet of anti-vampire devices such as a series of lights that are shaped like crosses and a gas made of holy incense and garlic.   He overcomes these only to be attacked by lasers and a sonic emitter.  The sonic emitter forces Dracula to his knees and Elianne's men close in for the kill.  However Dracula's slave cuts out the building's power, plunging it into darkness.  When the power is restored, Elianne discovers that her men are dead.  Dracula shows up and confronts her.  He learns of her identity and she challenges him to trial by combat.   Elianne uses a sword coated with silver and engages Dracula, faring well despite her blindness.   However Dracula prevails and is about to slay her when Stefan shows up, attacking Dracula.  Stefan tries his best but he is easily subdued by the vampire lord who throws him through a window. 

Facing the same death that took her father, Elianne goes to the window to commit suicide but she cannot do so.   Dracula then summons her to him and bites her.   Elianne is saved from a vampiric existence when Inspector Chelm and Kate Fraser show up on the scene.   Fraser uses her psychic abilities to learn of Elianne's life and quest for revenge.   She takes a stake and sets out to give Elianne the peace that has eluded her.

This issue of Giant-Size Dracula presented Dracula with a new foe and tied her history to an old foe introduced in the black and white Dracula Lives! magazine.   It also included the Montesi Formula, a plot device established in the Tomb of Dracula and Dracula Lives! a magical spell capable of destroying vampires. 

Quincy Harker, Inspector Chelm, and Kate Fraser play important parts in this story as they are caught in the crossfire of the war between Dracula and Elianne Turac.

Once again, writer Chris Claremont establishes that holy incense can be used to subdue vampires.   Here, Elianne Turac uses a gas composed of holy incense and garlic to subdue Dracula.