Cover Date: March 1975
Writer: David Kraft
Illustrators: V. Redondo & Dan Adkins
Letterer: Marcos Pelayo
Colorist: Don Warfield
Editor: Len Wein

Main Characters:  Dracula & Field Operator Six
SYNOPSIS: A man known only as Operator Six recalls how only a month ago, he loved the night.   Now he fears it and the master of the night-Dracula!  He thinks back to how his problems started.   He was an espionage agent working in Marseilles, France when he happened to overhear someone telling his supervisor that he will give him orders in order to bring his plans to fruition.   Dracula discovers the man eavesdropping and goes after him.   Operator Six shoots at Dracula but the bullets have no effect.  

Just then, Operator Six's supervisor Duval tells him that Dracula will rule France and that they must work to help him.    Realizing that Duval is lost, Operator Six shoots him to stop him from being any use to Dracula.   Enraged, Dracula attacks Operator Six.  Before the Count can drain him of his blood, Operator Six shoots Dracula in the face, earning a reprieve.   He escapes the scene and flees to Switzerland where he hopes he can keep away from Dracula.

Operator Six's efforts to escape Dracula are unsuccessful and Dracula catches up with him in a small village.  

Elsewhere, a zeppelin flies through the air with its owner Polcary Evans arguing with his navigator Aaron over Evans' mistreatment of his girlfriend Eleanor.   Evans' men watch as the navigator slugs Evans and walks away.  

Evans pleads with Elanor to forgive him and tells her that he's been plagued by strange dreams that are compelling him to take the airship on a mysterious journey.   Evans' moods change without a moment's notice as he lashes out at Eleanor only to then ask for her forgiveness.
Then when he sees Aaron, he accuses him of wanting Eleanor then proceeds to hurl the navigator from the airship.   Eleanor tells Evans that he's a murderer and no amount of money can buy back his soul.   Enraged, Evan's takes Eleanor hostage, holding a knife to her threat and ordering his crew to continue flying the airship.   The crewmembers reluctantly agree, even though the airship is headed into a blizzard.

Back in the village where Dracula has cornered Operator Six, the Lord of Vampires sweeps down on Operator Six, attacking him.   Once again, Dracula's attempts to slay Operator Six are thwarted, this time to the rising sun.   Operator Six has lured Dracula out into the open just before the sunrise.   Dracula flees and heads for a coffin that one of his many slaves have prepared.

Operator Six, drained of some of his blood, lies motionless in the village until a kindly priest brings him to his church.   He gives him a meal and tells him that he cannot stay in the village or Dracula will prey on the villagers.   The priest dresses Operator Six's wounds, gives him a meal, and supplies him with holy water.

Operator Six then heads out into the Swiss alps, braving a terrible blizzard.   There, he is confronted once again by Dracula  The two men then see a zeppelin flying through the storm. 

Aboard the zeppelin, one of Evans' men tell him that  visibility has been reduced to zero and that the ship will crash unless they turn back.   Evans slaps the crewmember  and tells him that they have reached their destination.   Evans orders the crewman to lower a ladder.

Just then, Operator Six spies the ladder and climbs aboard the zeppelin.   Dracula follows him aboard.   Dracula attacks Operator Six but is driven off when Operator Six splashes the vampire with holy water.   As Dracula flees, Operator Six explains to them what they are facing.

Evans attacks Operator Six, telling him that no one tells his crew what to do.  He then lashes out at Eleanor before begging her forgiveness.   He tells his men that he will surrender to them as soon as they find Dracula and orders them to find Dracula.

Dracula makes his way back to the airship's cockpit where he goes to feed on Eleanor.   Evans' confronts Dracula and the two struggle as the airship heads for a mountain.   Operator Six grabs Eleanor second before the airship collides, escaping the ensuing explosion.  The two walk off into the mountains as Operator Six believes that Dracula has been destroyed.

This was an interesting story as we see a secret agent hunted down by Dracula and the steps he takes to protect himself from the King of Vampires.  David Kraft does a good job of interlocking Operator Six' story with that of the insane Polcary Evans and.go to revenge himself on someone who he feels has wronged him.   Here, Dracula hunts Operator Six throughout France and Switzerland.  Only Dracula's apparent (but never confirmed) demise in the exploding airship frees Operator Six from a life spent watching over his shoulder.

Another interesting component to this story is when we see Dracula enlisting one of his many servants.   Here, we see Dracula instructing Operator Six's supervisor on how he plans to use him.  

This issue was much better than Giant Size Dracula #4. It provided an interesting opponent for Dracula and a compelling story both of Operator Six' battle for survival as well as the voyage of the doomed airship.   It would have been intriguing to see if David Kraft had more stories like this but unfortunately this was the last issue of the series.