Cover Date: January 1974

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Artist: Gene Colan

Inker: Tom Palmer

Colorist: Tom Palmer

Letterer: Artie Simek

Editor: Roy Thomas


Main Characters: Dracula, Inspector Chelm

Synopsis:: Dracula crosses paths with a living skeleton that is on a seemingly random killing spree.  After two encounters in which Dracula destroys the skeleton only to have it return, he learns the true nature of the monster.  

Inspector Chelm of Scotland Yard is called on to investigate the attacks, first believing that they are the work of Dracula.  After describing the attacks to Quincy Harker, he realizes that he is facing someone other than Dracula.  Chelm pieces together the evidence of the skeleton's atack and discovers that they are not random at all.  

At his base on the coast of Ireland, Dr. Sun congratulates his servant Mr. Chen on bringing him a vampire for his experiments.  Dr. Sun rewards his servant by arranging for Chen's father's release from a prison in China.

Back in England, Inspector Chelm discovers the skeleton and during a battle between the skeleton and Dracula, Chelm tells the vampire lord that the skeleton is merely seeking his final resting place.  The skeleton was taken from his grave by another man who believed the grave had some sort of astrological significance and who desired the grave as his final resting place.  Understanding the skeleton's need for a place of rest, Dracula takes the skeleton to his final "home" where he will rest in peace.

NOTES: As we learned in issue ten of TOD, Quincy Harker and the Drac Pack are not the only people who are aware of Dracula and his vampire legions. This issue features the recurring character of Inspector Chelm of Scotland Yard, an ally of Quincy Harker who is dedicated to stopping the vampire lord.  In this issue however, Chelm finds himself working with Dracula to solve the mystery of the skeleton monster.  At the same time, he also arms himself with silver rbullets to use on Dracula should he get the chance (which he does not).  

An uneventful issue but an entertaining tale as Marv Wolfman continued to experiment with new situations to put Dracula in other than being chased by Harker and his band.