Cover Date: January 1975
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterer: Ray Holloway
Colorist: P. Goldberg
Editor: Roy Thomas

Main Characters:  Dracula, Taj, David Eshcol, Shiela Whittier
Synopsis:  In Jajpur, India Taj Nital meets with his estranged wife.   He has spent five years away from her but has come home to deal with the family he left behind.    Taj's wife reminds him of the son he left behind, a son that is a vampire.   Taj's son is kept alive by blood transfusions and is tied up in rope entwined with garlic.   However Taj's wife tells him that the villagers have lived with the vampire long enough and fearful that he will one day escape, they have decided to kill him. 

Meanwhile, outside of London, Dracula, David Eschol, and Shiela Whittier are the prisoners of a  Chinese woman.  The search for the magical artifact the Chimera has brought these parties together.   Bound with garlic and ropes, Dracula demands to be set free.  However the Chinese woman burns his face with a cross.   A mysterious voice from without addresses his prisoners.   The voice tells them that the ancient Chimera has brought them together.   The Chimera is a statue with the power of the gods. 

The voice demonstrates the artifact's power by tampering with Shiela's emotions and causing her to lash out at her friend David.   Then the voice uses the statue to create an illusion of David Eshcol's dead father.   David watches in horror as his father taunts him and tells him that all he has been taught is a pack of lies.   David is then confronted by what he thinks is the voice of God.   The voice sends him to hell and tells him that there is no God.  David screams out in despair as he is cast into the flames of hell.

Shiela Whittier watches as David cries out.  She tells them that there is nothing there.  However Shiela falls prey to illusion as she sees Dracula walking with her through Castle Dunwick.   Dracula pledges his love to her and tells her that he has renounced all of his evil ways for her.   He kisses her but when he tells her to look at him, she sees a skeleton holding her.   Shiela passes out from the shock.

Dracula watches as Shiela collapses and demands to know what has happened to her.   His words are cut off by the arrival of Quincy Harker, who inexplicably, is walking!   Dracula is then confronted by the rest of the Drac Pack; Rachel Van Helsing, Frank Drake, Taj Nital, and Blade.   They all attack Dracula.   Dracula is then surprised to see his daughter Lilith attacking him.   However Dracula realizes that all of this is an illusion when he sees Quincy Harker walking, Taj talking, and Frank Drake present (Dracula knows that he has lured Drake to the Caribbean).  

Dracula comes to his senses and breaks free.   The mysterious voice tells him that he is no longer free and flees, telling his soldiers to destroy Dracula.

The Chinese woman grabs Shiela Whittier and tells Dracula to give her the Chimera in exchange for Shiela's life.   Dracula dismisses her threat and hypnotizes the woman, commanding her to kill herself with her own knife.   The woman obeys Dracula's orders as the Lord of Vampires laughs at her demise.

One of the soldiers attacks Dracula but Dracula quickly dispatches of him.   Dracula then tells Shiela that it is time to leave.   With the power of the Chimera at their disposal, they have a world to rule together.   Dracula tells her that David must die.

Shiela takes the Chimera and throws the statue agains the wall, destroying it.   Dracula cries out in surprise, asking her why she has done it.   David Eschol confronts her about it as well.   Shiela replies that both Dracula and David are mad and that the statue was too powerful for anyone to possess.   She then tells Dracula that she thought she loved him but she realizes that she was blind to Dracula's true nature.   She leaves with David as Dracula commands her to stay with her.   However Shiela and David walk away and Dracula realizes he has no control over her.

The Chimera story wraps up here with Dracula facing Dr. Sun's servants (although Dr. Sun is not named as the villain, it's not difficult to piece together who he is from the clues presented in the story).   Here we get a look at more of the Chimera's powers, the ability to manipulate emotions and to create vivid illusions.   However the illusions must have a basis in reality and when Dracula notices discrepencies in the illusion (such as Quincy Harker walking), he is able to break free of them.

This issue sees Shiela Whittier come to grips with what Dracula really is.   For a while she blinded herself to Dracula's true nature but she can look away no longer and leaves him.   This will have repercussions in the next issue as Dracula unleashes his wrath on both Shiela and David.