Cover Date: February 1975

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Artist: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer

Colorist: Tom Palmer

Letterer: John Costanza

Editor: Roy Thomas


Main Characters: Dracula, , Rachel Van Helsing, Taj, David, Sheila

Synopsis:: After being defeated by David and left by Sheila, Dracula goes off on a rampage, savagely attacking a group of townspeople.  He realizes that he will not be satisfied until Sheila falls before him.

Meanwhile David tells Sheila that they must be friends and nothing more due to their religious differences.  David realizes that as long as Dracula is alive, Sheila will be haunted by him.

In India Taj visits with his estranged wife and recalls how Dracula inflicted so much harm on him and his wife.  Several years ago, Dracula and two of his vampires stalked Taj's village as they prepared to feed on Taj and his family.  Taj fought valiantly but was unable to defeat all three of the vampires.  His wife fled the scene, abandoning Taj and her son.  As she ran, a vampire tipped a wagon on top of her, crushing her legs.  Dracula and his minions continued their attack, turning Taj's son into a vampire and ripping at Taj's throat, rendering him mute.  Only the unexpected arrival of Rachel Van Helsing saved Taj's life.  Taj left India and joined Rachel Van Helsing in her hunt against Dracula.  

The scene returns to the present where Taj and his wife are reunited.  She tells Taj that they were both wrong in blaming each other for what happened.  Now that they are reunited, they should remain so forever.

Back in London, David goes to Castle Dracula to slay Dracula.  He is slow in his approach though and by the time he opens Dracula's tomb, Dracula is alive and attacks him.  David flees Castle Dracula but in the end, he cannot escape the Lord of Vampires and falls to him.

Dracula confronts Sheila and throws David's dead body at her feet.  He tells her that she must return to him.  Terrified, Sheila falls from her apartment as Dracula dives after her.  He is too late however and she falls to her doom as onlookers wonder if she was pushed or if she jumped.  

NOTES:  This story shows just how evil Dracula can be as well as how twisted his beliefs are about relationships.  He tortures the villagers attempting to save one of his victims, he kills David and brings his body to Sheila as if he can terrify her into being his partner again.  It is clear that Dracula is highly possessive and his relationship with Sheila becomes abusive once she leaves him.

We also see how Taj Nital became mute and how he came to work besides Rachel Van Helsing.  We also see that Dracula's travels are not limited to Europe as he hunts for prey in India.

Finally, this issue shows just how dangerous it is to hunt vampires, especially Dracula.  David is terrified at the notion of confronting Dracula while he sleeps and this very fear causes him to delay long for the sun to set and for Dracula to awaken.