Cover Date: May 1975

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Artist: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer

Colorist: Tom Palmer

Letterer: John Costanza

Editor: Len Wein


Main Characters: Dracula, Frank Drake, Quincy Harker, Rachel Van Helsing, Taj, Saint

Synopsis::  Quincy Harker and Saint waits patiently in his mansion for what he hopes will be his final battle with Dracula.  Harker knows that Dracula seeks a file in Harker's possession that will explain why Dracula is slowly dying.  Harker receives a call from Dracula who warns him to be ready.

Meanwhile in India, Taj vainly battles an angry mob of villagers intent on killing his vampiric son. However in the end, he fails and watches as his boy is staked.  

In Brazil, Frank Drake learns that the men he is supposedly supervising are zombies.  He soon finds himself running for his life as his boss Danny Summers phones Dracula and tells him that Drake will soon be dead.

Dracula is now certain that none of Harker's allies are able to assist him.  He lured Drake away under the pretence of "finding himself", he lured Taj away by having one of his Indian vampires attack in Taj's home and blaming it on Taj's son, and he has taken measures to ensure that Rachel Van Helsing is out of the picture.

Dracula proceeds to Harker's home where he is invited in by his old foe.  After exchanging pleasantries, Harker invites Dracula to sit.  Cautious, Dracula refuses and Harkers shows that the chair was bobby trapped to restrain Dracula and then impale him with a wooden stake. Dracula tells  Harker that he wants the papers explaining the loss of his vampiric abilities and the man who supplied them.  Harker refuses and sics his German Shepard Saint on Dracula. Dracula curses the dog and prepares to strangle him only to learn that Saint's collar is studded with silver crosses.  His hands afire, Dracula hurls the dog into a chair, rendering him unconscious.

The battle continues as Dracula tracks Harker to an innocent looking billiards room.  Harker then fires a wooden spear from the pool cue but it misses Dracula's heart  Dracula is then stunned when the pool table is raised and is transformed into a giant cross.  The room's pine walls slide down and reveal mirrors which reflect the cross everywhere.  Dracula curses Harker and promises that he will make him pay by transforming him into a vampire.  Harker responds by firing his poisoned darts at Dracula.  Dracula warns Harker that he is through playing games and he shatters the room's mirrors.  Harker flees the room.

Dracula pulls a poisoned dart from his body and searches once more for Harker.  Garlic cloves appear from a trap door in the ceiling, slowing Dracula down.  He transforms into mist and moves through the mansion where he sees Quincy Harker near some sort of electronics.  Lost in thought over his long battle with Dracula, Harker is taken by surprise.  Dracula knocks him out of his chair and Harker's glasses are lost.  Harker's eyes are extremely sensitive to light and without his glasses, the light is blinding to him.  Harker scrambles for a switch to throw but Dracula believes he has stopped him from activating it. Dracula then tells Harker to give him the files. Harker refuses and Dracula prepares to turn him.  

Suddenly, the room is immersed in darkness.  3 seconds later, arrows appear from every side of the room, firing at Dracula from every direction.  An arrow finds its mark but not close enough to kill Dracula instantly.  Dracula rages and promises to kill Harker before he dies too.  He promises Harker that his legions will return him to life while Harker will remain dead.   Harker tells Dracua that the day they both knew would arrive has finally come.  He tells Dracula that he is a gentle man but that Dracula has tortured him beyond what anyone should endure and that he hopes he burns in hell.  A dying Dracula tells Harker that he should call Rachel Van Helsing. Harker knows that Dracula's threats are never empty.  He phones and learns that two female vampires have Van Helsing prisoner and that they'll kill her unless Dracula is released.  A battered Van Helsing pleads with Harker to let Dracula die and Harker wonders what he will do.

NOTES: This issue is just too cool with the various anti-vampire weapons that Quincy Harker employs against Drac.  Harker tells Dracula that he has spent over 200,000 pounds transforming his home into a deathtrap.  Money well spent if it leads to Drac's demise though.

We learn a lot about Quincy in this story:

Harker hates the life of vampire hunter as well as the suffering Dracula has made him endure.

Harker has been bit so many times that his eyes are extremely sensitive to light, thus explaining his smoked glasses.

Harker never wanted to battle Dracula but did so after Dracula attacked him in vengeance against his father John Harker.  

Harker went into battle at the edge of 16.