Cover Date: August1975

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Artists:        Gene Colan &   Tom Palmer

Colorist:       Tom Palmer

Letterer:         John Costanza

Editor:           Len Wein

MAIN CHARACTERS: Dracula, Daphne Von Wilkinson, Brother Voodoo, and Frank Drake.

SYNOPSIS: Daphne Von Wilkinson laughs as she thinks of her vengeance about to come true, thanks to the help of Dracula.   In exchange for supplying him with information on Dr. Sun, Dracula will kill four men she seeks revenge on.  Dracula warns her not to believe he is her servant but she scoffs at his remarks. Von Wilkinson has read the Scotland Yard report that gives Dracula two weeks to live due to Dr. Sun draining his vampiric powers and knows that Dracula is desperate for any information on Sun.   Thanks to an agent in Scotland Yard that she is blackmailing, she can provide Dracula the information he covets in exchange for his help in slaying the four men she believes used her and led to the failure of her design business.  Dracula will kill one victim a night and on the third night he will receive his information. Dracula leaves for his first victim and tells Von Wilkinson to make sure there is more blood when he returns.  He will need all his strength for his upcoming battle with Dr. Sun.

Elsewhere in Brazil, Brother Voodoo prepares Frank Drake for his battle against the zombies who have gathered to kill him.   With the help of Brother Voodoo's spirit loa, Drake's body is possessed, giving him extra strength and courage for the battle about to begin.  Together, Drake and Brother Voodoo defeat the zombies, driving them off of a cliff.  With the zombies vanquished, Brother Voodoo and Frank Drake begin searching for Danny Summers, Drake's so-called friend who lured him down to Brazil to be killed by zombies.

Back in London, Dracula kills his first target, a man who stole some of Von Wilkinson's designs from her. He makes short work of the man and returns to Von Wilkinson who has lured a model to her office to provide Dracula with more blood.  The Lord of Vampires feeds on the beautiful young model and tells Von Wilkinson that he will take his second victim the following night.  

Dracula has other ideas however and proceeds to kill the three remaining victims that night.  Three nights later he returns to Von Wilkinson for the information on Dr. Sun.  According to Scotland Yard, Dr. Sun is in Boston.  Dracula prepares to leave and Daphne asks him again if her four targets are dead.  Dracula leaves and as he does, all of Daphne's targets converge on her, waiting to feed upon the woman who sent them to their deaths.  Dracula's sinister laugh fills the room as Von Wilkinson learns what it is to deal with the devil. 

 NOTES: By now Marv Wolfman had proven that there was more to TOD than simple stories of Dracula being hunted down by vampire hunters.  This story is a great story of vengeance consuming someone and the diabolical mind that Dracula possesses.  Close to death and desperate for information to save himself, Dracula turns the tables on the shrewd Daphne Von Wilkinson getting the blood and information he needs, all the while teaching Von Wilkinson the foolishness of thinking anyone can control Dracula.  This story also features some hilarious black humour by Dracula as he hunts down his targets.

The subplot of Frank Drake's adventure in Brazil continues as guest star Brother Voodoo helps him battle an army of zombies.  As is usually the case, Drake cannot do much against the supernatural by himself but his courage and will are second to none and with Brother Voodoo's assistance, he is successful in defeating the zombies.