Cover Date: September1975

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Artists:        Gene Colan &   Tom Palmer

Colorist:       Tom Palmer

Letterer:         Joe Rosen

Editor:           Len Wein

MAIN CHARACTERS: Dracula, Rachel Van Helsing, Quincy Harker, Inspector Chelms. Brother Voodoo, and Frank Drake.

SYNOPSIS: Noted psychologist Dr. Scott meets again with Inpector Chelms, Quincy Harker, and Rachel Van Helsing to give them eyewitness accounts of Dracula's invasion of the United States.  The three vampire hunters listen to taped testimony documenting Dracula's flight from England to America.   They hear of Dracula's brutal attack on airport workers in London when his flight was delayed (Apparently even vampires can experience air rage!).  A U.S. Air Force pilot documents how his test flight over the Atlantic was hijacked by Dracula and the battle in Boston when soldiers attempted to ambush Dracula.   Scott's witnesses make it clear that Dracula has made his way to Boston where he believes Dr. Sun to be hiding.

Elsewhere in Brazil, Frank Drake confronts Danny Summers, a "friend" who lured him to South America to be killed by zombies.  Drake beats up Summers and learns that he was coerced by Dracula to lure Drake to his death.   Drake lets up on Summers and prepares to leave but Brother Voodoo tells him he will not be allowed to go.  

Back in London, Rachel Van Helsing and Quincy Harker prepare for their trip to America.  Dracula has but one week to live.  Can his end finally be at hand?  Nearby, Dr. Scott reports to Dr. Sun that he has planted all the proper clues and that Harker and Van Helsing should prove helpful to Sun's plans.

NOTES: This issue sheds some light on the people hunting Dracula in two ways.  First, Rachel Van Helsing mentions that her family has been hunting Dracula for most of his life which means that Abraham Van Helsing (from the novel Dracula) was merely one family member of a long line of vampire hunters.  Second, the Air Force pilot who is hijacked by Dracula obtains a printout on Dracula that makes it clear that the U.S. government has a dossier on Dracula and that Quincy Harker is considered a key figure in the fight against Dracula.