Cover Date: October 1975

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Pencils:: Gene Colan

Inker: Tom Palmer

Colorist: Tom Palmer

Letterer: Joe Rosen

Editor: Len Wein


Main Characters: Dracula, Frank Drake, Harold H. Harold & Aurora Rabinowitz

Synopsis: In Boston, Dracula races against time to track down Dr. Sun.  During his search he attacks a group of college students who are staring at him.  However he is too weak from the draining of his vampiric powers by Dr. Sun and he leaves the scene by transforming into a bat.    Elsewhere in Boston, struggling pulp writer Harold H. Harold  attempts to write another story for "True Vampire Tales" magazine.   Beset by writer's block, Harold returns to his boss' office where he makes a weak effort to flirt with his boss' gorgeous secretary Aurora Rabinowitz boss tells him to come up with an original story.    Harold tells his boss that he will get an interview with a vampire.   His boss is thrilled by the idea and Harold plods off to make up a story, unaware that vampires really exist.  

Nearby, Dracula attacks a young couple riding a motorcycle and drains them of their blood.  Harold H. Harold stumbles across them, mistaking the scene for a motor vehicle accident until he sees Dracula's fangs.  Dracula collapses in front of Harold and Harold takes him back to his apartment so he can conduct his interview.   Once he has settled in though, Harold begins to anguish over whether he has become some kind of accomplice to the vampire's killing spree.  He calls Aurora for advice and agrees to come over-but not before warning Harold that this had better not be some kind of prank.  Time passes as Harold anxiously waits for Aurora to arrive, unaware that Dracula has awakened and is about to make the young writer his next victim.

In farway Brazil, Brother Voodoo forces Frank Drake to confront himself about his self doubt.  Voodoo tells Drake that he has shared his mind during their battle with the zuvembies and that Drake is a true hero.   Drake is uncertain but with Brother Voodoo's help, he comes to the realization that he is more of a hero than he believes.   His mission accomplished, Voodoo magically reunites Drake with Quincy Harker and Rachel Van Helsing who have just arrived in Boston airport.

NOTES: The introduction of characters Harold H. Harold and Aurora Rabinowitz add some welcome comic relief to the series.  Harold and Aurora's characters give us a chance to see Dracula through the eyes of respectively, a neurotic self doubting geek and a naive young woman.  While the characters wore out their welcome after a while, they were initially a great addition to the TOD cast.

Brother Voodoo's speech to Frank Drake reinforces the portrayal of Frank Drake throughout the series.  In Drake's own words, "I may not be the total shlump I thought I was but I'm no James Bond either".  Brother Voodoo tells Drake that he need the see the world so strongly in absolutes.  Drake is not a superman but he has the wisdom to know when to pick his battles.   By TOD #37, Drake has come a long way from the carefree playboy of TOD#1.  His character has grown much but he still has more to learn about himself.