Cover Date: November 1975

Writer/Editor: Marv Wolfman

Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer

Colorist: Tom Palmer

Letterer: John Costanza

.Main Characters: Dracula, Quincy Harker, Franke Drake, Rachel Van Helsing, Harold H. Harold, Aurora Rabonowitz, and Dr. Sun.

Synopsis:: Aspiring horror writer Harold H. Harold has discovered the unconscious body of Dracula who is dying from the machinery which is draining his vampiric powers.  Harold recognizes Dracula as a vampire and enlists the aid of his would be girl-friend Aurora Rabonowitz who is smitten with Dracula and eager to help him.   With Aurora's help, Harold breaks into Harvard Medical School and steals blood with which he revives Dracula.

Meanwhile, the Drac Pack are reflecting on the recent events that have led them to the United States (Boston, Mass. to be exact), unaware that Dr. Sun is monitoring them.  Sun creates a lifelike image of Dracula and lures them to his headquarters with it.  There, he reveals his origin to Harker and his band, telling them that they have a mutual interest in the destruction of Dracula and that their lives would be spared should they decide to follow Sun.  Harker tells Sun that his quest to turn the world into an army of mindless slaves is destined to fail.  He then unleashes one of his wheelchairs many weapons, a barrage of wooden darts designed to explode once inside a vampire.   Dr. Sun survives the explosions but the unit which has been draining Dracula is destroyed, putting an end to the leeching process.  Juno attacks Harker and battles with Frank Drake until Sun orders Juno to stop.  He tells the Drac Pack that he wishes to keep them alive so that he can revel in his victory with someone who appreciates Dracula's measure as a foe.  He tells them that they will have the opportunity to join him but that he doubts they will.

Back at Harold H. Harold's apartment, Dracula is revived by the blood brought to him (and the fact that Sun's machine is no longer draining him).  He thanks Aurora and Harold for their saving him but warns Harold not to push his luck when he asks Dracula for an interview.  Dracula then realizes that he needs time to plan his next course of action and consents to the interview.  He is also amused by Aurora's naivety and offers to turn her.  However the interview is interuppted by the arrival of Dr. Sun's servant Juno who tells Dracula to follow him.  Dracula tells Juno that he follows no one but he will allow him to be led to Dr. Sun's headquarters.  Upon his arrival, Sun welcomes Dracula to his home and tells him that he shall never leave.

NOTES:  This issue sets up Dracula's rematch with Dr. Sun after his first (and inconclusive) battle with Dr. Sun nearly two years ago.  It also introduces us to Aurora Rabonowitz, a naive young woman smitten with Dracula and who is the object of of Harold H. Harold's romantic intentions.  

Once again, Quincy Harker shows his resourcefulness and determination as he uses one of his wheelchair's weapons to try to destroy Dr. Sun.  While Sun survives, Harker destroys the equipment which Sun has been using to drain Dracula's vampiric powers. Despite the fact that they share a common foe, Harker will do whatever he can to stop Sun's ambitions for world domination.