Cover Date: December 1975
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterer: John Costanza
Colorist: Tom Palmer
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Quincy Harker, Frank Drake, Rachel Van Helsing, Harold H. Harold, Aurora Rabonowitz, and Dr. Sun.
Synopsis: As a captive Rachel Van Helsing, Frank Drake, and Quincy Harker look on, Dracula confronts his arch-nemesis Dr. Sun.   Dr. Sun has had his assassin Juno bring Dracula to his headquarters for a final confrontation. 

Elsewhere, Harold H. Harold and Aurora Rabinowitz drive through Boston in search of Dracula.   Harold is after an interview with Dracula while Rabinowitz is motivated by her love for Dracula to rescue him from Juno.   Aurora spots Juno's car and leads Harold on to where she suspects Dracula is.

Back in his headquarters, Dr. Sun tells Dracula that he has siphoned enough of his powers in order to complete his plans.   Thus there is no longer any need for Dracula to live.   Dr. Sun pits his champion Juno against Dracula and the two begin fighting.   Dracula tells Sun that he has existed for five hundred years and battled greater foes than Sun.

Juno and Dracula battle with Juno drawing first blood.   However Dracula sidesteps a lunge by Juno and Juno gets his silver spike stuck in a wall.   Dracula goes after his trapped foe only to get kicked in the face.   Juno frees himself and the two battle again with neither man getting the upper hand.

As the battle continues, Harold and Aurora enter the room distracting Dracula.   Juno capitializes on the distraction and impales Dracula with his silver spike, detaching it from his forearm.   Dracula slowly dies but before he does, he tells the Drac Pack that they, his greatest foes, should have been the ones to slay him.  

Seeing Dracula dying before her, Aurora rushes towards him but is stopped by Juno.   When Harold tries to talk to Juno, Juno tosses him aside.

With Dracula dead, Dr. Sun proceeds to destroy him forever.   He orders Juno to use the fire hose, a flamethrower like device that reduces Dracula's skeleton to ashes.   Sun has Juno place them in an urn and sets the urn before him so he can gloat whenever he wants.

Meanwhile, the Drac Pack and Aurora and Harold are locked up in a room.  Aurora tells the others that they should try to save Dracula.  Rachel tells Aurora that Dracula is a murderer and that she's not about to change her feelings about Dracula.  Aurora replies that she loves Dracula.  Rachel notes Dracula's mystical attraction with women but says that he deserves death more than anyone has.

Frank Drake tells the others that they've got to do something and not wait for Sun to act.   Quincy Harker notices that Frank Drake is a changed man since his stay in Brazil.   Rachel pulls out a battette which turns into a small stake and cross and Drake uses it to pick the lock in their room.   The group overcome one of Sun's soldiers and escape in Harold's car.

Dr. Sun monitors all of this.  He has allowed the Drac Pack to escape as part of his master plan.   Just as he predicted, the Drac Pack go to the U.S. army and enlist the help of one General Coder.   Cooper tells Quincy Harker that the F.B.I. and Scotland Yard have vouched for Harker and that Harker has his soldiers at his disposal.   As Dr. Sun watches the meeting he tells Juno that the fate of the world is now sealed.

For months Dracula has seen his powers diminish and in this issue he finally confronts the man responsible for this.   Dracula meets his match in Juno, the muscular servant of Dr. Sun who has had his left hand replaced with a silver spike.   This demonstrates the blind loyalty that Dr. Sun's minions have to him.

With Dracula's powers greatly diminished, Juno is more than an adequate for the Lord of the Vampires.  Despite being weakened, Dracula puts up a good fight, once again demonstrating the hundreds of years of experience that make him a deadly foe.   It is only the unexpected arrival of Harold H. Harold and Aurora Rabinowitz that gives Juno the upper hand, enabling him to defeat Dracula.

Marv Wolfman walks a fine line with the characters of Harold H. Harold and Aurora Rabinowitz, using them for comic relief without reducing the seriousness of the threat of Dr. Sun.   Lesser writers would have turned the two into campy characters but Mr. Wolfman avoids this pitfall.

Dr. Sun is without doubt, the greatest foe that Dracula faced in the Tomb of Dracula comic book.   Sun is a master planner, waiting months for his plan to steal Dracula's powers to come to fruition.   As we learn, that is only part of Dr. Sun's plan and as the issue winds down, we learn that Dr. Sun has ambitious plans for how he will use Dracula's powers for his own ends.