Cover Date: September 1972

Writer: Archie Goodwin

Artist: Eugene Colan

Inker: Tom Palmer

Colorist: ?

Letterer: John Costa

Editor: Roy Thomas


Main Characters: Dracula, Frank Drake, Clifford Graves, Rachel Van Helsing, Taj,

Ilsa Strangeway

Synopsis:Dracula enters the home of Ilsa Strangeway after she invites him in.  He immediately attacks her but is repulsed when she brings a cross in front of him.  She persuades him that if he turns her, she can provide  him with valuable assistance in fleeing from the vampire hunters.  Strangeway is a former model whose beauty has not sustained the passage of time.  She believes that the immortality of vampirism will cure her but she is mistaken (something which Dracula does not point out).  

 After rising as a vampire, Strangeway tells Dracula of an occult mirror which can be used to transport a person through time.  She tells Dracula that he can use the mirror to return to an earlier time with which he is more familiar.  Dracula scoffs at the idea that he cannot survive in the 20th Century and leaves.

Strangeway then goes off in search of  blood to satiate her new appetite but when she returns to her coffin she finds a cross barring her entry.  Rachel Van Helsing confronts her and tells her that while she is now immortal, she has not regained the beauty of her youth.  Strangeway looks at her hands and sees that they are still wrinkled.  Distraught, she tells Van Helsing that the mirror will destroy Dracula if he tries to use it because without the proper incantation, Dracula will enter a dimension of monsters rather than another time period.  She then begs Van Helsing to end her vampiric existence and is granted her wish.

In the meantime, Dracula attacks Frank Drake only to be confronted by Taj and officers from Scotland Yard who are armed with flashlights with crosses painted on them.  They chase Dracula down but he flees into Strangeway's home, desperate to find the magical mirror.  He then escapes through it but before he does, Taj leaps after him and they both enter the dimension of monsters that Strangeway warned Van Helsing about.  Van Helsing and Drake enter the room and Van Helsing tells him that she fears Taj is now lost forever.

NOTES:  Dracula finally loses his chalk white skin after turning Ilsa Strangeway.  TOD #4 explains that a vampire who has gone for a long time without blood will have chalky white skin until their blood hunger is properly satiated.  

We see an unusual but quite effective weapon against Drac- crosses painted on flashlights and spotlightss.  We also learn that Taj  is a famed tracker in India and his tracking talent is used to hunt down Dracula.  

We also see that vampires cannot enter someone's home without being invited in.  Here, Ilsa Strangeway invites Dracula inside her home so that he can discuss business with her.