Cover Date: January 1976
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterer: John Costanza
Colorist: Tom Palmer
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Quincy Harker, Frank Drake, Rachel Van Helsing, Harold H. Harold, Aurora Rabonowitz, and Dr. Sun.
Synopsis: Dracula is spiked by Dr. Sun's assassin Juno then has his body incinerated by a flame thrower like device.   Aurora Rabinowitz awakens to discover that she has just had a dream about the events she recently witnessed.

Rachel Van Helsing talks to Aurora about her fascination with the Lord of the Vampires.   Rachel recalls the night of her sixteenth birthday when Dracula called on her.  Rachel pulled out a cross to repel the vampire but Dracula hypnotized her into dropping it then had her beg him to kiss him.   Just before Dracula could give her the dark kiss, Quincy Harker showed up and drove Dracula away.   Rachel tells Aurora that she's not sure if she was actually attracted to Dracula or if she was merely hypnotized.   She tells Aurora that the feelings she has for Dracula re due to his vampiric abilities, nothing more.   Aurora dismisses Rachel's explanation and tells her that she digs the way Dracula looks and speaks.

Morning comes as the Drac Pack meet with General Coder, the officer in charge of the task force that will confront Dr. Sun.   Coder is none too happy with the idea of dispatching soldiers into an urban area but he has his orders, he tells Harker and company.   Dr. Sun monitors the conversation from his base and tells Juno that he arranged for Coder to get his orders and the end result will be that he will have America's greatest soldiers under his command.

The Drac Pack join the army group as they close in on Dr. Sun's base.   However as they do, Dr. Sun uses the amplified hypnotic abilities that he stole from Dracula to turn the soldiers into his slaves.   The Drac Pack are unaffected and realize that Sun is toying with them and showing how little he thinks of them by leaving them unaffected by his mind control.   The Drac Pack fight off the soldiers and manage to retreat to Harold H. Harold's apartment.

There, the Drac Pack agonize over a terrible dilemma they face.  Dr. Sun is a seemingly unstoppable foe.   They know that they cannot defeat him on their own.   The only man capable of stopping Sun is Dracula.   However do they dare revive the man they have been trying to destroy for years?   Rachel tells Quincy that Dracula is too evil to be brought back.   She recalls how Dracula slew her parents in front of her when she wa a child.   Harker recalls how Dracula imprisoned his father in his castle, drove his wife to suicide and how Dracula transformed Harker's daughter into a vampire. Harker calls on God to give him the strength to revive his greatest enemy.

Frank Drake tells the others that it is too dangerous for all of them to break into Dr. Sun's lair and that he is going alone.   However in the end, Rachel accompanies him along with a very reluctant Harold H. Harold.   The trio break into Dr. Sun's lair where the bodyless brain tells them he has been expecting them.  He orders one of his soldiers to escort them to their cells but Frank quickly dispatches the soldier.   When Sun's assassin Juno moves in on the Drac Pack, Rachel Van Helsing shoots her crossbow at him, killing him.   Harold then dives for Dracula's ashes and he, Frank, and Rachel make a hasty retreat.   As they leave Sun vows to have his troops hunt them down and retrieve Dracula's ashes.

Back at Harold's apartment, the Drac Pack eye Dracula's urn as Quincy Harker tells them that for the world to surive, Dracula must live again.

This issue is a great example of how the Tomb of Dracula relied on strong character driven plots.   Here, the Drac Pack agonize over whether or not to revive Dracula as he seems like the only person who can stop Dr. Sun.   As they debate their decision, we learn more of the horrors Dracula has visited on Rachel Van Helsing and Quincy Harker.   Both have suffered horrific losses, leaving Rachel to tell Quincy that she wishes for Dracula to remain destroyed.   However we also see the tremendous respect that she has for Quincy as despite her reservations, she agrees to help him revive Dracula.

This issue also shows more of Aurora Rabinowitz' infatuation with Dracula.   Rachel Van Helsing tries to warn her that she has merely fallen for Dracula because of his vampiric nature but Aurora thinks otherwise and continues to pine for the Lord of the Undead.