Cover Date: February 1976
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterer: John Costanza
Colorist: Tom Palmer
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Quincy Harker, Frank Drake, Rachel Van Helsing, Harold H. Harold, Aurora Rabonowitz, and Dr. Sun.
Synopsis: The Drac Pack have retrieved Dracula's ashes but now they struggle with how to revive him.  Harold H. Harold checks his tomes and discovers that the blood or tears of a virgin will revive a vampire that has been destroyed.   Harold wonders where they will find a virgin in today's society.  As he says that, Aurora Rabinowitz is crying over the loss of Dracula and her tears enter the urn with Dracula's ashes, reviving him.   The Drac Pack watch in amazement as the ashes take shape and slowly form back into the body of Dracula.

Disoriented at first, Dracula quickly realizes that he has been revived to battle Dr. Sun.   He thanks Aurora for saving him and tells her that she has the protection of Dracula.   When Aurora offers Dracula some of the blood that they have kept in Harold's refrigerator, Dracula tells her that he desires fresh blood.   He taunts the Drac Pack by telling them that he is going to feast on the blood of an innocent human and that they will have to deal with the fact that they have made it happen by reviving him.   As Dracula leaves, Quincy Harker regrets what he has done but realizes that he had no other choice.

Dracula soon finds prey in the form of one Cynthia Cullen.   As he drains her of his blood he is confronted by Blade.   Dracula in his arrogance, thinks that Blade has followed him all the way over from England to confront him but Blade reveals that he has traveled to America to find the white haired vampire that slew his mother.   Dracula shocks Blade when he tells him that he is working alongside Quincy Harker.   Blade soon finds out that Dracula is telling the truth and he rebukes the Drac Pack for allying themselves with Dracula.   Harker tells Blade that he needs every ally he can muster to battle Dr. Sun and that he will beg Blade for help if necessary.   Disgusted, Blade leaves the Drac Pack.

Taking his leave of the Drac Pack, Dracula scouts out Dr. Sun's lair before sneaking inside.   He notes that he has no intention of allowing the Drac Pack to join him in the battle against Dr. Sun as they would merely be in the way.   As Dracula prowls about, Blade follows him to Dr. Sun's lair, determined to protect the Drac Pack from Dracula.

Inside his lair, Dr. Sun prepares to send the soldiers he has captured back to their base in order to recruit more soldiers.   He gloats to himself that soon, he will have the world's armies at his disposal and the world to go with them. 

Overhearing Sun, Dracula disapproves of Sun's method, noting that control with the fist is easily crushed.   Instead, one must have the illusion of good molded around total control.   Dracula then enters Sun's lair, disposing of the soldiers guarding the way to Dr. Sun.   Blade sneaks in as well.

Dracula reaches Dr. Sun and the two prepare to do battle.  Dracula tells Sun that unlike their last two battles, Dracula is at the height of his powers.   As the two enemies square off, Blade arrives, realizing that Dr. Sun must be stopped, even if it means joining forces with Dracula.

This issue serves as an interlude to the final confrontation with Dr. Sun.   It shows the ramifications of the Drac Pack reviving their mortal enemy.   No sooner has Dracula been revived but then he sets out to feed on an innocent.   The Drac Pack must deal with the fact that they have unleashed a monster on society, even if it is to have said monster battle a greater evil.

Here we find out a couple things about Aurora Rabinowitz.   First that she is a virgin and second that she is hopelessly smitten with Dracula.  When Blade sees Aurora Rabinowitz fall all over Dracula he warns her that Dracula would kill her in an instant without a second thought.   When Aurora asks Dracula if that is true, he tells her of course but that he is not going to kill her as long as she continues to amuse him.   Aurora takes this as evidence that Dracula truly cares for her.   Implausible?  How many of us know a woman who is smitten by a man who is no good for her? 

This issue also features a nod to Dracula's long-standing belief that Rachel Van Helsing's crossbow is a useless weapon.   Time and time again, Dracula has thwarted Rachel when she uses the crossbow against him.   However when Dracula learns that Van Helsing has used it to kill Juno, he is impressed.