Cover Date: March 1976
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterer: John Costanza
Colorist: Tom Palmer
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Quincy Harker, Frank Drake, Rachel Van Helsing, Harold H. Harold, Aurora Rabonowitz, and Dr. Sun.
Synopsis: A mysterious figure arrives on the rooftop overlooking Dr. Sun's lair.   As Dracula and Dr. Sun do battle with Dr. Sun's soldiers, the white haired vampire spies out Blade.

Blade battles his way through the mind-controlled soldiers of Dr. Sun.   As he lunges for Dr. Sun, he falls through a trap door and heads towards a bed of wooden spikes.  Blade manages to reach out to the walls to slow his fall but tears apart the flesh in his hands.  The blood flows from his injured hands and he begins to slip towards the spikes.

Back at Harold H. Harold's apartment, Frank Drake tells the rest of the Drac Pack that they have waited long enough for Blade (This is a continuity error as when last the Drac Pack and Blade met, Blade had stormed out in search of the white haired vampire).  Drake and Harold leave for Sun's lair. 

Dracula moves in on Dr. Sun as the two prepare for final battle.  As they do, Blade struggles to escape the deathtrap he finds himself in.   However he finds the strength to climb the wall and he scapes, getting ready to battle Dr. Sun.

Dracula and Dr. Sun battle with Dr. Sun attacking Dracula with energy blasts.   Sun boasts that he has unlimited power as he can tap into the city's power supplies to use as he sees fit. 

Meanwhile, Rachel, Frank, and Harold sneak into Dr. Sun's lair.  They come across a gruesome discovery-the decapitated body of Sun's assassin Juno.  Rachel wonders why anyone would have decapitated Juno as he was already dead from Rachel's arrow.

Blade climbs a ladder, searching for Dr. Sun only to see that the ladder leads back up to the streets.   He is promptly attacked by Dr. Sun's hypnotized soldiers.  As he fights, he sees the white haired vampire looking down at him.  This distraction allows the soldiers to get the upper hand and he soon falls to them.

The battle between Dracula and Dr. Sun continues with Dracula attempting to get at Sun by turning into mist then going inside the protective casing that houses Dr. Sun's brain.   Dr. Sun manages to repel Dracula then projects a cross of light onto Dracula.   Dracula writhes in pain as Sun laughs at what he sees as Dracula's pending demise.   However Dracula fights the pain and lashes out at Sun again.

Frank, Rachel, and Harold arrive on the scene just in time to see Dr. Sun's protective casing explode.   However Dr. Sun's brain has survived the explosion and lies on the ground.   Harold H. Harold goes to squish the brain but Dr. Sun shoots out an energy beam.   Only the intervention of Dracula saves Harold's life. 

Blade arrives and watches as Dr. Sun's energy beam destroys his own computer.   Dr. Sun's brain is engulfed in fire and burns up, crumbling into ash.   After the battle, Blade confronts Dracula and tells him that Dracula will either help him find the white haired vampire or the two will do battle.

Tomb of Dracula #42 features the climax to the Dr. Sun saga.   The story took over a year to build up to its conclusion but it was well worth the wait.   Marv Wolfman crafted an engaging saga that saw Dracula robbed of his powers, slain by the deadly Dr. Sun, and then revived by his mortal enemies in order to stop Sun.  Sometimes the final confrontation betweeen a hero (or in the case of Dracula, an anti-hero) and a villain doesn't pay off but here it does, and in spades.   The previous battles between Dr. Sun and Dracula saw Dracula weakened when he battled Sun.   Here, Dracula is at the height of his power which makes the battle all the more engaging.   Dr. Sun proves to be a formidable opponent but in the end, he falls to Dracula.

The Dr. Sun saga was by far the best storyline of the entire Tomb of Dracula series.  It pitted Dracula against an epic foe and explored the dynamic between the Drac Pack and Dracula as they realized there was a greater evil than Dracula and reluctantly revived him to send him against Dr. Sun.

Even though the Dr. Sun saga was the highlight of the series, Marv Wolfman still had plenty of interesting stories to tell.   Later issues would see Dracula battle Dr. Strange, Dracula marry, and Dracula lose his vampiric powers.   Although the series hit its peak, it still had some good tales to tell.