Cover Date: May 1976

Writer/Editor: Marv Wolfman

Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer

Colorist: Tom Palmer

Letterer: John Costanza

.Main Characters: Dracula, Dr. Strange, Wong

Synopsis:: Sorceror Supreme Dr. Strange searches for his servant Wong only to learn that he has fallen prey the vampire lord known as Dracula.  Using the magical talisman, the Eye of Agamotto, Strange suspends Wong's body to prevent him from transforming into a vampire. Strange then hunts for Dracula, hoping to restore his servant to life.

In Boston, aspiring writer Harold H. Harold prepares to ask out the lovely Aurora Rabinowitz who he discovers has written a vampire story of her own.  Harold fights off his anxiety and asks Aurora out only to be turned down.  

After searching the city of Boston on a wintry night, Dr. Strange locates Dracula resting in his coffin.  Strange then engages the vampire lord in battle, hoping to break him and capture him without destroying him.  Strange uses the spell the Crimson Bands of Cytorrok but Dracula eludes them by transforming into mist.  Strange then uses the Images of Ikonn in an attempt to take out Dracula psychically.  Using a powerful illusion, Strange makes Dracula relive the events that led to his fall in battle against the Turks and his transformation into a vampire.  However Dracula's will is too strong and he fights off Strange's attack.  

Strange is Master of the Mystic Arts but he cannot use his full power against Dracula for he needs Dracula intact in order to magically restore Wong to life.  Thus, Dracula does not face Strange's full power and in the end, he is able to hypnotize Strange and then strike him down, killing him.  

Elsewhere, Blade and Hannibal King stumble upon one another during their solo searches for the vampire Deacon Frost.  

NOTES This issue featured a long awaited battle between Marvel Comics' master of the mystic arts and their vampire lord.  Many fans had written in pleading that Marvel not attempt crossovers with their superheroes but Dr. Strange was a character that fit in well in Marvel's horror books.   The crossover was pulled off well and was believable since Strange was not able to use his full power against Dracula.  The only real complaint from some fans was that Dracula was able to hypnotize Strange, a man who possessed tremendous willpower. However,  time and time again, Dracula's will has been shown to be second to none and it takes no stretch of the imagination to believe that the Lord of the Vampires could overcome Dr. Strange, especially after a heated battle.  This story was continued in Dr. Strange #14