Cover Date: July 1976
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Colorist: Tom Palmer
Letterer: John Costanza
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Blade, Hannibal King, Anton Lupeski, & Domini
Synopsis: Dracula and his bride to be Domini stand before Anton Lupeski in front of a church full of followers as Lupeski reads off their unholy wedding vows.  Dracula tells Lupeski to dispense with the words but Lupeski tells him that a marriage between Satan and his bride needs words to give it meaning and purpose.   Dracula and Domini exchange vows with Lupeski cutting them so they may be joined in flesh and blood.    
As the ceremony comes to a close, Dracula thinks to himself that the charade must go on for a while longer and that the Church of Satan must believe that he is their dark lord and not a vampire.

Behind the doors of American Chemron Industries, two executives over the company's environmental policies.  A man by the name of Windom tells a man by the name of Slammerkin that the company's policies are harming the environment.   Slammerkin dismisses Windom's complaints.  When Windom threatens to go to the authorities, Slammerkin shoots him in cold blood.   Slammerkin then goes to the board of directors and tells them that he has disposed of Windom.   No one is sad to see him go as he could have cost the company millions of dollars.   The members of the board then all join in in disposing of Windom's body by dumping it into a disposal filled with acid.  

Windom's body undergoes a strange transformation as it is burnt clean by the acid and mingles with the other chemicals present in the drain pipe he goes through.   When the process is done, Windom emerges from the drain pipe with skin as smooth as pearl and no facial features.   He leaves in search of vengeance.

Elsewhere, Hannibal King and Blade prowl the rooftops of Boston, in search of the elusive vampire known as Deacon Frost.  King tells Blade that he has a stoolie that may be able to fill him in on what they're looking for but warns Blade not to rough the man up like he did to Frost's last servant.

Back at the deconsecrated church that he has converted for his own purposes, Dracula addresses his followers and tells them that he is going to usher in a new age with a new religion.  He tells them that he is going to give them a successor to his power by bringing a son into this world with his new wife Domini.   He tells them that the child will be born on December 25th just like God's son.   Dracula then transforms into a giant bat and carries his wife away.

Meanwhile, the being who was once named Windom finds one of the board members who callously disposed of him.   He attacks the man and before he slays him, he takes his eye.   Now, the blank face of Windom has one eye.

Dracula talks with Domini.  He tells her that for the first time in centuries, he is at a loss for words.   Dracula finds the words though and tells Domini that he loves her like he loved his beloved wife Maria.   Dracula thinks to himself that he cannot explain why he feels so strongly about Domini (after all, they only just met).   He leaves her to fly through the cold night air to clear his thoughts.  As he does, he spies a woman who he plans to stalk for her blood.   As luck would have it, the woman is one of the board members that aided in Windom's death.

Windom's quest for vengeance leads him to two more board members and with it, two more deaths.  He steals an eye from the first one then a mouth from the second one.   Consumed with vengeance, Windom hunts for the remaining board members.

Following the woman, Dracula intrudes on a romantic interlude between her and Slammerkin.  Using his hypnotic power, Dracula compels the woman to let him into the room.   Slammerkin tells Dracula to stay back and when the Lord of Vampires continues, Slammerkin shoots him.  The bullets have no effect but before Dracula can do anything, Windom storms into the room, grabbing the female board member.   He tells Dracula to leave him to his vengeance then steals the woman's nose.  Windom moves in towards Slammerkin and Dracula tells him Windom that Slammerkin must serve as his source of blood.   Windom and Dracula battle with Windom throwing Dracula out of a window. By the time Dracula has returned to the room, Windom has stolen Slammerkin's life.  Windom tosses Slammerkin's corpse to Dracula and Dracula vows revenge for Windom stealing his meal.   With all of his assailants dead, Windom tells Dracula that his revenge accomplished nothing.  Dracula watches helplessly as Windom's body decomposes into a chemical sludge.  Dracula cries that he must have his revenge, oblivious to what he has just heard Windom admit.

This issue was an interesting departure from the usual "Let's hunt Dracula" story.   Here, Marv Wolfman introduces us to a monster of sorts intent on revenging himself on the men and woman who murdered him.   The way that Mr. Wolfman has Dracula's path cross with Windom don't seem contrived, it's just one of those coincidences that could happen.   What's really interesting (and ironic) about the story's ending is that Windom admits that revenge is meaningless but Dracula is angry because he has been denied revenge against Windom (for stealing his meal).   Once again we see one of Dracula's character flaws.

We also see one of Dracula's vulnerabilities.   Here, he finds himself mysteriously drawn to his new wife.   Dracula has just met her and yet he is smitten, comparing his love for her to the love he shared with his beloved Maria (Dracula even calls her Maria at one point).   This love will be explored in later issues.   It is interesting though because we see that even a man as monstrously evil as Dracula can experience love.