Cover Date: Aug. 1976

Writer/Editor: Marv Wolfman

Artists:        Gene Colan &   Tom Palmer

Colorist:      Michelle Wolfman

Letterer:         John Costanza

Editor:           Marv Wolfman

MAIN CHARACTERS: Dracula, Domini,

SYNOPSIS: At his home in Boston, Dracula broods while his wife Domini attempts to comfort him.  He tells Domini how he has struggled for power throughout the centuries.   He tells of his role as warrior and also as husband to his wife Maria and how he lost Maria when she was killed.  Dracula tells Domini that once he sought world domination by  force but now he shall do so by thought.  He tells her that he possesses a powerful charisma and that he shall use it to achieve his goals. Domini tells Dracula that they do not need power but Dracula tells her she will learn what it is to possess power.

Elsewhere, Blade and Hannibal King wait for a plane to arrive.  King tells Blade they should devote their time to hunting down Deacon Frost but Blade tells him he will have to wait.  Blade's lover Safron arrives and the three go to a luxury apartment Blade has rented.  Blade and Safron make up for lost time as King exits the scene.

Elsewhere, romance blooms and withers as  would be romantic Harold H. Harold goes on a date with Aurora Rabinowitz, the girl of his dreams.  Nearby, Frank Drake and Rachel Van Helsing quarrel again over Drake's change in attitude.  Van Helsing storms off, telling Drake to ditch his "superhero bit" or  to get used to being alone.  A frustrated Drake tells himself that Van Helsing can't take his newfound confidence and that he needs no one but himself.

Later that night, Dracula and his bride Domini prepare to undergo a supernatural ceremony whereby Domini  will conceive a child by Dracula.  The ceremony proceeds in the Church of Satan and through supernatural means (but of a good rather than evil nature as Dracula believes), Domini conceives a child.  Shortly after the ceremony, a man disguised as one of the church members storms in, gunning down church members.  Dracula attacks the invader, furious that he would endanger Domini.   Domini attempts to restrain Dracula but church leader Anton Lupeski stops her.   Dracula kills the man and later, he learns that he is Domini's father who sought to take her home from the dark church.  She tells Dracula that she now realizes her father loved her.  All that needed to be done is complete, she says and they return home.  Later that night, Dracula tells Domini that their son has been conceived and that he will be born in December.  Their son will grow and one day rule the world under Dracula's guidance.  Domini smiles, knowing that (thanks to divine intervention) her father died before Dracula's drained him of blood, thus preventing him from returning as a vampire. She also realizes that her son will not be a child of darkness but a child of goodness.  She tells Dracula that this is a glorious night to remember.

NOTES: This is the issue when Dracula's son is conceived by supernatural means in the woman known as Domini.  As a vampire, Dracula is unable to impregnate anyone but through means he believe to be satanic, he fathers a son.

Here the mystery of Domini and the painting of Christ deepens as we learn that Domini is fully aware that her son will not be evil as Dracula plans but instead, a force for good.  As seen in previous and future issues, the painting of Christ is symbolic of divine intervention in thwarting Dracula's schemes.  Here, divine intervention saves Domini's father from a vampiric fate and thwarts Dracula's plans to conceive a son for evil purposes.