Cover Date: September 1976
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Colorist: Michele Wolfman
Letterer: John Costanza
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Rachel Van Helsing, FrankDrake, Harold H. Harold, Aurora Rabinowitz, Quincy Harker, Blade, Hannibal King & Marianne
Synopsis: A female vampire tells her tale of how she encountered Dracula on three different occasions, each impacting on her life.

The first occured in 1875 when she was aboard her father Captain Cutlass' pirate ship.   The pirates and their captain went to sieze th booty from a French ship only to discover Dracula's coffin.  Thinking that the coffin would be full of jewels, Captain Cutlass opened it only to discover the Lord of Vampires.   When Cutlass challenged Dracula to a sword fight, the vampire made quick work of him then feasted on his blood.  Cutlass' daughter Marianne watches helplessly at her father's death.

Twenty eight years later in Madrid, Marianne cares for her vampire father.   She has bound him in chains entwined with garlic.   She refuses to allow her father to kill for blood so she breaks into a nearby hospital and steals it.   Just before she arrives home, she is confronted by Dracula.  She drops the container of blood, shattering its contents all over the ground.   This enrages Dracula who promises to make her a vampire, then have her kill her father.   Captain Cutlass overhears the commotion and breaks free of his chains.   He attacks Dracula only to be staked by the King of Vampires.  Dracula leaves Marianne, telling her that his desire for killing has been quenched.

Mariane then fast forwards her tale to Rome in 1926 where she was traveling with her new husband, one Count Marcos.   Dracula attacks Marcos because Marcos refused to ship Dracula's coffins to America.   Marianne watches in horror as once again, Dracula attacks someone near and dear to her heart.  She tells of how Marcos returned to prey on her, turning her into the vampire she is today.

As Marianne finishes her story, explaining how Blade killed her husband just one day ago.  It is revealed that she is speaking before Dracula and Domini.   Marianne pleads with Dracula to end her existence.   Dracula tells her that once upon a time, he would have denied her request but now he understands such things as peace and love.

Elsewhere, Frank Drake is sitting with Harold H. Harold, Aurora Rabinoqitz, and Quincy Harker.   Drake tells them that it's time to find Dracula and tells Harold to come along with him.   When Harold refuses, Aurora tells him to go or she'll never speak to him again.   Harold decides that two can play at blackmail and tells her that he won't go unless she kisses him on the lips.  Aurora surprises Harold by kissing him and a delighted Harold joins him.

As Drake and Harold leave, Rachel Van Helsing watches them go, upset that Drake is trying to prove his manliness by going after Dracula.   She follows after them, refusing to let Drake bring Harold down with him. 

Meanwhile Aurora leaves Quincy Harker so she can finish her new article for True Vampire Stories.   As she is leaving, Quincy experiences chest pain and barely manages to take his medication. 

As all of this takes place, Blade and Hannibal King search for clues to Deacon Frost's plans.   Blade complains that King's leads are leading nowhere and if this one doesn't pan out, he's taking over.  When King points out the building where his lead is, Blade tells him that he's not sneaking in but coming through the front door.   King tells Blade to stop as Blade breaks down the front door.  Once the two are inside they watch in shock as a vampire version of Blade emerges from the shadows to confront them.

This story demonstrated that the Tomb of Dracula was about more than the hunt for Dracula, it was about characters and how they interacted with the Lord of Vampires.   Here, we see how the life of a young woman is influenced by Dracula at key moments in her life.   Marv Wolfman provides a twist ending when it's revealed that Marianne has been speaking to Dracula (and Domini), the entire time.   We also see that Dracula has mellowed somewhat thanks to Domini's presence as he agrees to end Marianne's life whereas before he met Domini he would have ignored someone's request for mercy.