Cover Date: October 1976
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterer: John Costanza
Colorist: Michele Wolfman
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Domini, Anton Lupeski, Rachel Van Helsing, FrankDrake, Harold H. Harold, Blade, Hannibal King & Angie Turner
Synopsis: Church of Satan member Anton Lupeski meets with Dracula and tells him that in order for their church to grow, they must have money.   Dracula tells Lupeski that he is aware of that and gives him instructions to give to his followers, men of wealth and influence.   They will provide him with the money that he needs.   Dracula then leaves Lupeski to meet with his wife Domini.   As Dracula leaves, Lupeski reveals to himself that he knows Dracula is a vampire and not Satan as he has pretended.   Lupeski will let Dracula do his work for him and when he is finished, Dracula will die.

Dracula returns home and finds Domini playing the piano.  He tells her that she has given him a peace he has not known for centuries.   Then out of nowhere, Dracula begins to fade from Domini's sight, disappearing before her.

Elsewhere in Boston, Blade confronts his vampire doppleganger.   As the two battle, neither man gets the upper hand however Blade is shocked when he grabs his vampiric counterpart and finds his hand absorbed into the vampire's body.  Hannibal King watches as the two men battle, their bodies slowly being absorbed into one.   Blade turns to face King and King watches as Blade's vampiric counterpart emerges victorious and vows that King is next.

The scene turns to an elegant library where a woman named Angie Turner is speaking with Frankenstein's Monster.   The woman tells the creature that she is expecting a friend, someone who is gentle and warm like him.   She introduces the creature to D'Artagnan.  D'Artagnan then asks Angie if there is anyone she would like to meet, revealing that she is able to conjure characters out of books with a mere thought.   However there is one character she cannot seem to conjure, a character from her most favorite book of all.  Tom Sawyer and Injun Joe show up to offer their help.  Together, they all concentrate until Dracula is summoned.

Back at the Church of Satan, Frank Drake and Harold H. Harold stumble across Anton Lupeski and his followers engaged in a dark ritual.   The two are detected and brought before Lupeski.  Drake breaks free and begins fighting with Lupeski's followers.  Outside, Rachel Van Helsing approaches the house.

Having been summoned from Domini, Dracula is enraged at Angie Turner for being separated from his wife.   He throws Turner down to the floor and incurs the wrath of her friends.  D'Artagnan charges at Dracula, only to fall before him.  Robin Hood arrives but he too is cut down.  Turner begs for them not to fight.  She tells Dracula that she only wanted to be with the character she fell in love with.  However now she realizes that the Dracula is not the man she read about and sends him back to Domini.  Reunited with Domini, Dracula tells her not to bother asking him what happened as he has no answers. 

At a mental hospital, the staff rush to a room continuing Angie Turner.   The woman is experiencing an attack.  The last one almost killed her and the attacks always come after she has read the novel Dracula.  The staff note that the woman has been troubled ever since the loss of her husband and child.  They leave Turner to fall back into the fantasy world she has created.  Back in the library, Angie is reunited with the characters she loves. 

This self contained story provided readers with a chance to see Dracula interact with some of literature's most unforgettable adventure characters.   Here we see Dracula pitted against the Frankenstein Monster, D'Artagnan, Robin Hood, and Zorro. 

Of course the story is about more than just a bunch of battles and here we see a troubled young woman forced to face the reality of who Dracula is rather than the fantasy she dreams of.

A couple of sub-plots are moved along nicely.  The Blade/Hannibal King story arc continues to pick up steam as Blade's vampiric doppleganger absorbs him into himself.   We also learn that Anton Lupeski is not ignorant of Dracula's true nature and that he is using Dracula to further his own ends.