Cover Date: November 1976
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterer: John Costanza
Colorist: Tom Palmer
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Domini, Anton Lupeski, Rachel Van Helsing, Frank Drake, Harold H. Harold, Blade, Hannibal King & the Silver Surfer
Synopsis: On the streets of Boston, Dracula finds a female victim and feeds on her blood.  When a group of men stumble upon him they try to rescue the woman only to be tossed aside by Dracula.   The vampire lord flies away telling the men that he will not waste his powers on them.

On the outskirts of Boston Church of Satan member Anton Lupeski meets with members of his church to discuss Dracula's future.   Now that Dracula has impregnated his wife Domini, there is no reason to keep him around.  Lupeski tells his audience that he has found a way to dispose of Dracula.

Meanwhile, vampire detective Hannibal King faces off against Blade's vampire doppleganger (who has absorbed Blade into him).  King manages to stay one ahead of the vampire but leaves the battle, retreating so that he can face him on his own terms.

At a location known as the Three Ridges, Anton Lupeski meets with four of his followers and reveals the being he will summon to battle Dracula-the cosmic charged being known as the Silver Surfer.   The Surfer is Dracula's opposite, he is pure and good while Dracula is dark and evil.   Lupeski tells his followers that the Silver Surfer will now seek out Dracula and destroy him.

The Surfer is soaring through the skies when he is fired upon by men.  Once again, the Surfer is outraged by mankind's ignorance.  Outraged, he flies down to attack them only to be swept away by Lupeski's spell.  The Surfer is brought to the Three Ridges and rendered unconscious by the spell.   Lupeski then imparts the Silver Surfer with the knowledge of Dracula and the evil that he brings upon humanity.

As this is happening, Dracula and Domini meet with Dracula's followers.  They offer wealth and power to Dracula but it is clear that the Lord of the Vampires will take what they have and give nothing in return.   After dismissing his followers they discuss their child.  Domini tells Dracula confidently that she will give him a strong son.

Their interlude is interrupted by the arrival of the Silver Surfer who is determined to destroy Dracula.   Men have accused the Surfer of being evil but he rationalizes that if he can destroy a truly evil being such as Dracula, he will be accepted by mankind.

The Surfer emerges from the oil painting of Christ and fires a cosmic bolt at Dracula, narrowly missing Domini.  The Surfer tries to tell Dracula that he meant to hit him and not Domini but Dracula dismisses him with a slap.   The two take their battle outdoors where no innocents will be hurt. 

The battle between the Sentinel of the Skyways and the Lord of the Vampires carries out but it is clear to both the Surfer and Dracula that the Surfer is not battling at his best.  The Surfer thinks to himself that it is almost as if someone is controlling his actions (which is true) and Dracula notes that the Surfer is using his abilities recklessly.

However Dracula is not about to relent against the Surfer.   He calls on his mastery of the elements to summon a hurricane level storm against Dracula then summons a pack of rats to pounce on the Surfer.   The Surfer overcomes these challenges then goes back after Dracula.   However when he goes to blast Dracula with a cosmic bolt, Dracula turns to mist and the bolt strikes a dam.   The Silver Surfer moves quickly to seal up the dam, preventing a catastrophe.  As he does this, Dracula sneaks up on him and attacks him.   Dracula tells the Surfer that he does not want to battle but if the Surfer does not relent, he will destroy him.    Confused, the Surfer tells Dracula that he is a man of peace and that there will be time for battle on another day.   As Dracula leaves, the Surfer realizes that he has fought like an amateur.  He wonders if some unknown force had goaded him into battle.

At the Church of Satan, Frank Drake and Harold H. Harold have been taken captive.  However hope arrives in the form of Rachel Van Helsing who aims her crossbow at Lupeski's followers telling them to free her friends.

Meanwhile the Silver Surfer comes to the realization that someone was controlling him.   Could it have been Dracula?   He is determined to find out and returns to the vampire lord's home to confront him.   However before the battle can be renewed, Domini intervenes and tells the Surfer to leave her husband alone.   The Silver Surfer is confused.   He senses that Domini is a good woman.   Doesn't she know what kind of man Dracula is?  Domini tells him that she knows and that she knows what will happen in the end.   The Surfer looks into her eyes and sees the reflection of the painting of Christ in her eyes.   The Surfer realizes that she does know.   The Surfer leaves them, realizing that there is hope now for man.

Dracula questions his wife about the Surfer's words and what he saw in her eyes.   She tells him that he saw the future and the future looked good.

One of the frequent topics in the letter pages of the Tomb of Dracula was the fans' desire that Dracula not meet with Marvel's superheroes.   Up until this issue, Dracula had only met with Marvel's supernatural characters Werewolf by Night and Dr. Strange (and an appearance by Brother Voodoo who Dracula did not actually interact with).  This changed with this issue where Dracula battles arguably the most powerful Marvel superhero, the Silver Surfer.   On paper this is a lopsided battle at best.   However the Surfer's ability to fight Dracula is severely impaired by the fact that someone is controlling him i.e. Anton Lupeski.

This story is problematic in that Anton Lupeski has the power to control the Silver Surfer, why doesn't he use this power later on in his attempt to murder Dracula.   The next time that Lupeski attempts to destroy Dracula, he manipulates the Drac Pack into trying to kill Dracula.  It just doesn't add up that Lupeski wouldn't have some other angle to use the power that he demonstrates here.

The other problem is that we don't really get to see the clash between the purity of the Silver Surfer and the evil of Dracula.   These two characters are polar opposites but the battle between them is nothing more than your typical comic book battle.  It would have been more interesting to contrast the moral differences between these two characters.

This issue does have its moments though, especially the end of the story where Domini reveals to the Surfer that there is hope for man and that she knows what she is doing by being the wife of such an evil creature as Dracula.   Gene Colan adds a nice bit of foreshadowing when he shows the face of Christ (from the oil painting on the wall) in Domini's eye as she tells the Surfer that she knows what she is doing.  There is definitely more than meets the eye to Domini.