Cover Date: December 1976
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterer: John Costanza
Colorists: Michele & Marie
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Domini, Anton Lupeski, Rachel Van Helsing, Frank Drake, Harold H. Harold, Quincy Harker, Blade, Hannibal King & Deacon Frost
Synopsis: As Rachel Van Helsing tries to force Anton Lupeski to free Frank Drake and Harold H. Harold from his Satan cult, Dracula arrives on the scene, searching for the cause of his recent battle with the Silver Surfer. 

Van Helsing goes after Dracula immediately, firing her crossbow at him and striking him in the chest.   One of Dracula's minions goes to subdue Van Helsing only to be knocked aside by her.  To everyone's surprise, Dracula orders his men to let the prisoners go.   Van Helsing promises Dracula that she'll be back for him.  Van Helsing, Drake, and Harold leave.  When a member of the cult follows after them, Van Helsing shoots him in the behind.   As they drive off, they wonder why Dracula let them go.

With the Drac Pack gone, Dracula tells Lupeski to remove the arrow from him as it is dangerously close to his heart and he is unable to remove it.   Lupeski pauses for a moment, contemplating whether to seize the opportunity and kill Dracula or to let him live for now.   He realizes that he must maintain the illusion to his followers that Dracula is Satan and not a vampire so he complies.

When they arrive back at their apartment, the Drac Pack find Quincy Harker collapsed on the floor.  Rachel realizes that Harker is in cardiac arrest and has Harold call for an ambulance.  Frank Drake spots digitalis pills and tells the others that he didn't realize Quincy had a heart condition.  When the ambulance arrives, Rachel rides with Quincy.   She tells Drake that she owes everything that she is to Harker.

Elsewhere, at an elegant party, some of Boston's most influential and wealthy are gathered together for a fund raiser, not for a charity but for a new world order.  Anton Lupeski tells the party goers that they have been selected to meet with their messiah, the Dark Lord himself (Dracula) and the mistress of Hell (Domini).

Dracula awes his guests by demonstrating some of his vampiric powers such as the ability to change into a giant bat and the ability to transform into mist.  The audience is spellbound as Dracula reveals to them that he has summoned them to join his cause.   When an audience member tells Dracula that he isn't a religious leader but the evil leader of a Satan cult he tells her that at the end of time, evil will emerge victorious and that the powers for good are weak and always on the defensive while his powers are forceful and always on the offensive.

Anton Lupeski eyes Dracula charming his guest and remarks that he is excellent at recruiting people.  Domini agrees but tells him that there is one better.  

As Dracula woos his guests he is startled by an unknown figure standing in the shadows.   He recognizes the figure as a being from his past who serves as a harbinger of doom.   Dracula is visibly shaken and Anton Lupeski takes note of that.   The fact that there is something that Dracula fears bodes well for Lupeski's plans.

Nearby, Hannibal King is being chased by Blade's vampiric doppleganger.   However King is leading Blade to where he wants him and he crashes into a wooden fence so he can grab a piece of it and thrust it into Blade's chest.  With Blade stunned, King goes to a mansion in search of Deacon Frost, the vampire who made him.   King stumbles upon Dracula's party and Blade follows close behind.   When Dracula sees Blade, he goes after his longtime foe and shoves him against the wall.   Dracula is startled to see that Blade has become a vampire.

As the battle rages, Anton Lupeski tells Domini that he needs to speak with her in private.  He reminds her that she pledged her allegience to him long before she married Dracula.

At a nearby hospital, the Drac Pack wait on word about Quincy Harker's condition.   Rachel and Frank argue about Rachel's lack of emotion.   Frank admits that he has been emotional of late but he is tired of Rachel trying to be perfect and expecting everyone around her to be perfect.   Rachel admits that she's been wrong and falls into Frank's arms.

Back at the party, Hannibal King is shocked to find Deacon Frost at the party.   He chases after Frost who turns into mist and floats to the top of a staircase.   King has vowed not to use his vampiric powers so he follows Frost up by foot.   However by the time he reaches the top of the stairs, Frost has transformed into a bat and escaped.   Since King refuses to change his form, Frost has eluded him for now. 

The battle between Dracula and vampire Blade continues with Blade telling Dracula that the human Blade came close to defeating him so a vampire Blade will succeed where the human Blade failed.  

Anton Lupeski seizes the opportunity to speak with Domini alone.  He tells her that she didn't seem surprised when he called her husband a vampire.   Domini tells Lupeski that such a fact could not be hidden between a husband and wife.   Lupeski then proposes to her that she allow him to dispose of Dracula and allow him to act as regent for her son.  She will live a life of luxury while Lupeski guides her son.  Domini refuses his offer, telling him that she cannot harm her husband and the father of her child.  She will not allow any harm to Dracula and tells Lupeski that she will deal with him in her own way.

The battle between Blade and Dracula continues as Dracula gives Blade a chance to end the battle.  Blade goes to end the battle but not in the way that Dracula expects.   Blade grabs a stake and plunges it through Dracula's back.  However the stake has missed Dracula's heart and the Lord of Vampires pulls the stake out, using it on Blade and plunging it into the vampire's heart. 

After the previous month's awkward story involving the Silver Surfer, Marv Wolfman bounces back with a compelling story featuring Dracula's quest for power through religion.  Here, Dracula gathers Boston's most influential to witness his vampiric powers.   He offers them a chance to become his followers and to create a new world order.  This is a bold storyline for anyone used to the frequent comic book plot (some might call it a cliche) of a supervillain wanting to achieve world domination.   Here Dracula's ambition for power is based on manipulating mankind's need for religion and bending it to his own dark ends.  

At the same time, we begin to see more evidence that Dracula's wife Domini has an agenda of her own.  She refuses Anton Lupeski's offer to kill Dracula and tells him that she has plans of her own for Dracula.  What those plans involve will be revealed later but they provide an element of mystery that makes the reader want to pick up the next issue for more.

The Drac Pack face death again but this time in a different way than a clash with the undead.  Here, Quincy Harker's mortality becames apparent as he suffers a heart attack.   The man who has been the core of the Drac Pack has never been more vulnerable and this reality forces Frank Drake and Rachel Van Helsing to examine their relationship and the tension that has been mounting between them since Frank's change of attitude.