Cover Date: March 1977

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer

Colorist: Michele Wolfman

Letterer: John Costanza

Editor: Marv Wolfman

.Main Characters: Dracula, Domini, Frank Drake, Quincy Harker, Harold H. Harold, Rachel Van Helsing, Blade, & Anton Lupeski

Synopsis:: On a snowy Christmas Eve, Dracula awaits the birth of his son.  Meanwhile the Drac Pack visit a convalescing Quincy Harker in a nearby hospital.  Harker tells the Drac Pack that although he is ill, the hunt for Dracula continues.  Harold H. Harold advises them that while researching his vampire novel, he has learned that Dracula is married and that his wife is expecting.

Rachel Van Helsing investigates and comes across Anton Lupeski, Dracula's rival in the satanic church he has siezed control of.  Lupeski offers Van Helsing information on Dracula's whereabouts, hoping that she and her associates will slay Dracula for him.  Rachel contacts her comrades and they set out for the abandoned church where Dracula and his wife are preparing for the arrival of their child.

 However Van Helsing does not wait for her friends and goes after Dracula alone.  She attacks Dracula, forcing him to retreat so that his wife is not injured during the battle.  Once his wife is safe, Dracula attacks Van Helsing and ties  her up so he can attend to his wife and finish Van Helsing off later.  However while Dracula is gone, Van Helsing escapes just as the rest of the Drac Pack shows up.  

 Meanwhile, Domini is about to give birth as Dracula attends to her.  Just then, the Drac Pack show up and attack Dracula.  A fierce battle ensues until it is broken up by the sound of a newborn infant.  Dracula turns to see Domini bring in their newborn son.  Their son is exotic looking with golden skin and pointed ears, reminding Dracula of the mysterious being that has hunted him throughout his life.  Domini tells Dracula and his hunters that there will be no more violence.  Despite the strong hatred between Dracula and his hunters, they agree to call a truce this Christmas morning and go their separate ways.  

NOTES: This issue marks the birth of Dracula and Domini's son Janus.  Nothing really special about this issue except for the arrival of Janus.  We will learn just how mysterious Janus is in future issues.