Cover Date: April 1977
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterers: John Costanza
Colorists: Michele Wolfman
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Domini, Anton Lupeski, Rachel Van Helsing, Frank Drake, Harold H. Harold, & Quincy Harker
Synopsis:  As a winter's storm rages, Dracula talks with his wife Domini.   She tells him to look upon their son and Dracula is disturbed.   His son's golden skin and red eyes remind him of something that is unthinkable and yet, Dracula cannot help but wonder what the union of vampire and human has produced.

Anton Lupeski interrupts the couple to tell them that tonight the Satan cult will receive Dracula's son and hear his name.  Dracula reminds Lupeski that the only reason he took control of the cult was because he wanted to start his own religion.   Having religious followers who follow him of their own free will is better than having hypnotically controlled slaves who are unable to think for himself.   Dracula boasts to Lupeski that he will become an emperor and control the flesh of his followers by controlling their minds through religion.   Lupeski leaves Dracula, thinking that Dracula is mad and that he must be destroyed.   Although Lupeski suspects that Dracula is aware of his treachery, he needs Lupeski thus Lupeski will be safe until he can put his plot to destroy Dracula into motion.

Across town, the Drac Pack are tending to the recovering Quincy Harker.   Frank Drake tells the others that they need to get more aggressive with Dracula and burn down his church.   Quincy reminds Drake that the church is in Anton Lupeski's name and that they would only get into legal trouble if they followed Drake's plan through.

At the Church of Satan,  Anton Lupeski intriduces Dracula and Domini's child to the church members.   Lupeski tells the cultists that the child is their new leader and power.   He introduces the child as Janus, named after the Greek god who was only second in power to Zeus.   Sensing Lupeski's treachery, Dracula orders Lupeski to be silent.   He then tells his followers that he, the dark lord, is still in command and that while his son shall sit on his  right hand. he shall remain in control.   Dracula dismisses his followers.

As his followers leave, one of them sneaks out of the church and meets up with Frank Drake and Rachel Van Helsing.   The churchgoer is actually Harold H. Harold.   He tells Drake and Van Helsing that he never wants to go through what he went through in spying on Dracula then tells them of the rift between Dracula and Lupeski.

Back at their home, Dracula and Domini look over Janus as they have a heart to heart talk.   Dracula tells Domini that he senses something dreadful is about to happen.   He tells her that constant battling over five hundred years has made it difficult for him to acknowledge moments of peace.   He tells Domini of his daugter Lilith and how she despises him.

Domini then tells Dracula of how she was seduceed by Lupeski into entering the Church of Satan after leaving a convent.   Frightened, she became a thing for the church, nothing more than the dirt she walked on.  However when she was given the chance to become the bride of the dark lord, something sparked inside her and she jumped at the chance.   The result was her marriage to Dracula.  She looked into Dracula's eyes and saw power and the sign of something special.   Even though she knew what Dracula was, she fell in love with him.  Domini tells Dracula that he made her into something special.

Dracula's wife continues, telling him that she knows what will happen to the two of them as well as what will happen to their child.   She tells Dracula that there will be pain, tears, and even fire between all of them but that she loves Dracula with all her heart and soul.

Meanwhile, in the basement of Anton Lupeski's home, Lupeski meets with one of his followers to discuss a plot againt Dracula.   As Lupeski stands over a smouldering cauldron,  Lupeski's underling tells him that by tomorrow, he will have thirty silver bullets marked with the sign of the cross.   Lupeski tells his follower that he will meet with Harker and his band to turn them into Dracula's killers while he will will reap the reward of their deeds.  

Up in the rafters, one of Dracula's vampire legion spies all of this and leaves to tell his master of Lupeski's treachery.   He goes to Dracula's home where Domini greets him.   She tells him that she will tell Dracula of all this when he returns.  Domini takes a dog sled to Lupeski's home where she tells him that they have things to discuss.

Elsewhere, Dracula flies through the snow in bat form.   He thinks of the golden skinned being he fought recently, the painting of Christ that he cannot remove, and Lupeski's true motives.   As Dracula thinks on all this, he is comforted by the fact that he has a wife who loves him and a child who will make him proud.   He reflects that for the firstr time in five long centuries, he has found the ever-elusive thing that men call peace.

While this issue is heavy on character and light on plot.   While the story of Dracula's ongoing efforts to build up his church and Anton Lupeski's plot to take Dracula out of the picture are develiped here, the real focus of this story is in examining Dracula and Domini's past as well as their love for one another.   Here we learn more about how Domini got involved with Anton Lupeski and the Church of Satan.   Once again, we also learn that Domini knows that something big is going to happen between Dromini, Dracula, and Janus.   Although she knows that it will bring conflict to all of them, she reminds Dracula that her love for him will continue.

Although we don't see much of the Drac Pack in this issue, we are rfeminded of the legal constraints on their battle against Dracula.   When Frank Drake suggests that they burn down Dracula's church, Quincy Harker reminds Drake that the church is in Lupeski's name and that any effort to disrupt it would result in legal action against them.   Dracula has orchestrated things so that his hunters' hands are tied.

This issue also explores Dracula's ultimate aim with his church.   Here he tells Anton Lupeski that his ultimate goal is to have followers who worship him of their own free will.   Hypnotically controlled followers are slow minded and unable to think on their own.   People who follow him through a misguided faith in him are much better as they can think for themselves.   Here, we see Dracula's bid for world domination seem plausible as opposed to some comic book super villain plot to rule the world through brute power.