Cover Date: May 1977

Writer/Editor: Marv Wolfman

Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer

Colorist: Michele W.

Letterer: J. Costanza

Main Characters: Harold H. Harold

Synopsis:Harold H. Harold hacks out a novel called "The Vampire Conspiracy" that incorporates his own "real world" experiences with vampire hunters but embellishes them by portraying himself as a fearless adventures who solves supernatural mysteries.  In the story, Harold comes to the rescue of Miss Aurora, who is being terrorized by the strange going ons in a haunted house.  With the help of his  dimwitted assistant Frank Drake, Harold discovers that Satan and his servant Dracula are behind the mystery.  Harold defeats them and saves Miss Aurora, winning her affections in the process.

NOTES: This is an amusing issue that shows how would be novelist Harold H. Harold incorporates his experiences with Dracula and his hunters into a horror novel.  Harold of course embellishes the truth, portraying himself as a courageous  hero, Rachel Van Helsing as a hapless victim, Frank Drake as Harold's dimwitted assistant, Aurora Raboniwitz as a damsel in distress who falls for Harold and Dracula as a lackey for Satan. Throughout his appearances in TOD, Harold recognized that he was the farthest thing from the typical image of a hero but this book gives us a look at how Harold would like to be.