Cover Date: June 1977
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterers: John Costanza
Colorist: Glynis Wein
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Domini, Anton Lupeski, Rachel Van Helsing, Frank Drake,  Quincy Harker, & Gideon Smith
Synopsis:  The year is 1792 and the setting is India where an Englishman meets with a holy man.   The hioly man tells him that he has been reincarnated many times and that many more lives are ahead of him.   However he warns the Englishman to avoid the dead man for then will his lives come to a close.   We watch as the man's many lives continue throughout the centuries, up until the present where he is Gideon Smith, a successful insurance agent. 

Gideon is in his office when his girlfriend Glory pays him a visit.   Gideon looks out the window and sees Domini and Dracula.  Suddenly, Gideon remembers the dead man and is scared for his life but cannot tell why.   He agrees to take a weekend trip with Glory up to Boston.

Meanwhile, in the home of Satanist Anton Lupeski, Dracula's wife Domini confronts Lupeski about his plans to kill Dracula.   At first he denies the plot but when Domini tells him that he is threatened by Dracula's control over the Satanists Lupeski once controlled, Lupeski admits his plan to kill Dracula.   However he warns Domini not to tell Dracula or else he will manufacture evidence to implicate Domini in the plot.

In nearby Boston, Dracula hunts for fresh blood.   He finds it in the form of a woman walking the snowy streets.   Dracula attacks her but is interrupted by a taxi driver.   The driver shoots at Dracula and runs away when he sees that his bullets have no effect on him.   As the cab driver runs away, he tries not to think about what Dracula is.   The thought is too terrible to think of.
Dracula chasrs aftter the man who has sought refuge in an apartment complext.   Dracula pounds on the door, unable to enter the building without being invited in.  Inside, the taxi driver agonizes over what to do.   He then invites Dracula in.

Not far away, Gideon Levy is meeting with Glory's friend and is troubled when she refers to her apartment as Castle Dracula.   He goes to get his and Glory's bags when he is struck by a drunk driver.

Back at the apartment complex. Dracula enters, intent on killing the taxi driver.   However he is surprised when the taxi driver pulls out a cross.   Dracula tries to go after the man but the man presses the cross into Dracula's face, burning the vampire lord.   Writhing in agony, Dracula exits the aprtment building before he collapses in the snow and is found by a nun.

Not much later at Boston Hospital, Gideon Smith is recovering in a hospital bed next to a man whose face is heavily bandaged.   One of the doctors tells his colleague that he can't get a pulse on the man, nor can he get an x-ray of him.   When the two doctors undo the man's bandages, they see that Dracula's burn has gone.   Gideon Smith looks over at the man and subconsciously recognizes him as the Dead Man.   Gideon starts shouting that Dracula is going to kill him.   The doctors attempt to subdue him as Dracula looks on.  

Thirsty for blood, Dracula feeds on one of the doctors as Smith watches on in horror.   Two men enter the room only to be tossed aside by Dracula.   Dracula storms through the hopsital hallways until by chance, he happens upon Quincy Harker, Rachel Van Helsing, and Frank Drake.   Harker is at the hospital for a check-up on his heart condition.   Frank Drake jumps on Dracula but is quickly thrown off.   Quincy Harker fires poisoned darts out of his wheelchair at Dracula but the Lord of Vampires dodges them easily.   The excitement gets to Harker, sending him into a heart attack.   Frank Drake chases Dracula throughout the hospital but Dracula eludes him by changing into a bat.

Dracula returns to Gideon Smith's room, eager to attack the man who brought everyone's attention to him.  Gideon screams at the sight of the dead man as Dracula prepares to slay him.   However Dracula's attack is halted when a nun enters the roomn, a crucifix dnagling from her neck.   The sight of the crucifix drives Dracula off and he crashes through a window on his way out of the hospital.

Three days later, two of the hospital's doctors try to figure out what has happened.   They cannot bring themselves to accept the existence of a vampire in this modern age.   They also cannot understand what has happened to Gideon Smith.   The patient's hair has turned white and he stares out, his eyes glazed over as if he has seen his own death and he knows that it's out there, waiting for him

This issue was a nice self-contained story that saw Dracula interact with a supernatural character.   However unlike previous self-contained stories that saw Dracula encounter the supernatural, this character wasn't a monster that Dracula confronted.   Instead, it was a man who kept being reincarnated until he met the Dead Man aka Dracula.

Here we see a little bit of the vampire mythology explored as Dracula finds himself unable to enter an apartment building until he is invited.   We also see Dracula burnt by and repulsed by the cross.