Cover Date: July 1977
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterers: Gaspar
Colorists: Sev
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Blade, Rachel Van Helsing, & Musenda
Synopsis:  Boston is experiencing a heat wave in the spring.   In an apartment complex, Blade and his lover Safron are discussing Blade's future.   Blade recalls how he tracked down Deacon Frost, the vampire that slew Blade's mother.   Now that Frost is dead, Blade does not know what to do.   Safron tells Blade that they have a lot to talk about.

Elsewhere at Boston General Hospital, a husband agonizes over the condition of his wife as a doctor looks on.   The man (named Musenda) tells the doctor that he can't believe that his wife is a vampire.   What is even more unusual is that the woman changes into a normal human female during the night-time hours.   The doctor tells the man that he cannot bring himself to admit that the woman is a vampire but he's called in an expert, a parapsychologist named Rachel Van Helsing.   Van Helsing introduces herself and tells the husband that although the man"s wife"s case is unusual, she's theorized that it's possible.   By chance, Musenda brings up Dracula's name and Van Helsing discovers that the man knows Blade from an adventure in which he helped to kill the lord of the vampires.  Van Helsing tells Musenda to sit down as she's sure that he's in for a shock.

Not long after, Blade is relaxing with Safron when Musenda shows up on his doorstep.   Musenda tells Blade what has happened to his wife and Blade agrees to help him.  The two arrive at the hospital where Musenda's wife has broken loose of her bonds and attacked her doctor.   Blade jumps on top of  her only to be thrown off.   Before the battle can continue, Musenda's wife collapses to the floor, turning back into a human.

Rachel Van Helsing tells Musenda and Blade that she believes that Musenda's wife Lorraine is both psychically and symbiotically linked to a vampire who transfers his powers to her when he sleeps.  If they are to free her, Blade and Musenda must destroy the symbiotic master.

Later on at a Boston home rented by Quincy Harker, Blade watches as Quincy demonstrates a new scientific device he has invented.    The device can be used to track a vampire bat wherever it goes.   Blade tests the device on an ordinry bat and is impressed with the result.  

Blade then uses the device on Lorraine, setting her free so that she can transform into a bat and lead her to her maker.   Musenda is astonished at the sight of his wife transforming into a bat and he tells Blade that he's not the man he was when they hunted Dracula.   He's settled down now.   Blade tells him that he understans.

The two men follow the bat via Blade's motorcycle but are run off the road by a driver who has been hypnotized to take them out.  Blade and Musenda take a brief break before returning to the scene where Blade deduces that Lorraine  has retreated to a nearby lighthouse.   Blade and Musenda swim towards a small island where the lighthouse is located.   As they walk up the stairs to the lighthouse, Musenda's wife attacks them but she's staked by Blade.   Musenda is livid at Blade but Blade tells him that he knows what he is doing.

Musenda and Blade take the staked vampire back to Safron's apartment.   Blade tells Musenda to remove the stake right before sundown.   He does, and he watches as his wife changes from vampire to human.  

Blade tells Musenda that they now have to deal with Lorraine's maker wanting to stop the men who are interfering with his vampiric creation.   On cue, Lorraine's maker shows up and attacks Blade.   However Blade dispatches of the vampire rather easily, staking him quickly.    As the vampire falls to Blade's wooden knife, Lorraine awakens and tells Musenda that she feels as if she's awoke from a nightmare.   Musenda tells her that the nightmare is over as Blade and Safron look on.

This issue was another self-contained story, this time focusing on Blade.  While Dracula is mentioned, he does not appear in this story (other than in a brief flashback).   Instead, we see Blade reunited with one of the surviving members of the quintet that slew Dracula (albeit it temporarily) back in China in 1968 (the story detailed in Tomb of Dracula #30).

The story sees some interaction between Blade and his lover Safron as Blade tries to figure out what to do with his life, now that he has found the vampire that killed his mother and slain him.

Here we see a twist on vampirism as Musenda's wife is a vampire during the day and a normal woman by night.   We don't get much of an explanation as to how this can happen other than that there is a psychic link between the woman and the vampire that made her.