Cover Date: August 1977
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterers: J. Costanza
Colorist: M&M Wolfman
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Domini, Anton Lupeski, Quincy Harker, Frank Drake, Rachel Van Helsing, & Harold H. Harold
Synopsis:  In Quincy Harker's rented apartment, Anton Lupeski meets with the Drac Pack to discuss his plan to destroy Dracula using silver bullets he has had created just for the occasion.   Harker and his friends are reluctant to join the Church of Satan member in his quest to destroy Dracula.   Frank Drake tells Lupeski that he wants Dracula dead but that there's something about Lupeski that makes him sick to his stomach.   Even Harker's dog Saint doesn't like Lupeski.   The Drac Pack give their individual reasons for wanting Dracula dead and Drake tells Lupeski that he will at least hear him out.   Lupeski tells them of a feast being held to honor Dracula's son Janus.   That feast would be an appropriate time for Dracula to die.

Dracula tells his wife Domini that he is looking forward to the feast being held to honor his son as it will bring father and son closer together.   Dracula then bids Domini goodbye as he has his own feasting to do.

Elsewhere at Boston College, a female professor is accosted by Barry, one of her male students.   When she rebuffs Barry's advances, he comes on even more aggressively until he is suddenly interrupted by Dracula.  Barry runs off, leaving Dracula and the professor alone.   Dracula then feeds on the professor.   She will return as a vampire and when Barry comes on to her again, she will give him the dark kiss of the vampire.

Sunday night, the feast in honor of Janus is held with Dracula's worshippers gathered together along with Anton Lupeski.   Outside the church, the Drac Pack wait for the signal to strike at Dracula.   Even though she thinks they are being played like pawns, Rachel Van Helsing is willing to go ahead with the attack on Dracula. 

The feast goes on until Lupeski gives the signal for the attack on Dracula.   The Drac Pack interrupt the feast with Lupeski opening fire on Dracula.   Dracula cries out in pain as the silver bullets can affexct him.   The Drac Pack open fire with Harold H. Harold reluctantly shooting at Dracula.   During the melee, Quincy Harker is knocked over in his wheelchair by Dracula and the excitement affects his weak heart.

As the battle rages, Dracula turns into mist, causing the bullets to fall out of him.   Dracula rematerializes, knocking Rachel Van Helsing down.   Lupeski sees Dracula rematerializing and takes careful aim at Dracula, hoping to strike him in the heart and kill him.   However Dracula turns into mist and the bullet goes right through him.   Unfortunately the bullet strikes Janus, killing him instantly.  

Enraged by the death of his son, Dracula lashes out at Anton Lupeski, crushing his face and slowly taking out his revenge on Lupeski as the Drac Pack look on in horror.

Meanwhile, Domini looks at the painting of Christ and thinks of how she knew what was going to happen but that she didn't realize it would be this terrible.   She wonders if Lupeski had to die then watches as Dracula turns from Lupeski and directs his wrath on the Drac Pack.   Dracula tells them that they have hunted him for too long and that now they will suffer, just as Lupeski suffered.   However before Dracula can do anything, Domini intercedes and tells Dracula that there will be no more blood shed tonight.  She tells Dracula that even though Janus was shot, everything will be all right.  She demands that the Drac Pack be allowed to leave and Dracula agrees.

Dracula is none too happy with Domini's demand but she tells Dracula that it is not her demand but his, pointing to the oil painting of Christ.  Dracula cannot believe that Domini would listen to Him instead of her own husband.   Domini invites Dracula to come to her and accept Christ's words.   Dracula tells Domini that after all their time together, she simply does not understand him.   She cannot understnad what he's become and what she asks him to do.

The death of Dracula and Domini's son Janus proves to be a powerful story with Anton Lupeski's plan to murder Dracula going horribly wrong and the Drac Pack finding themselves manipulated into working alongside Lupeski.

This issue shows just how far the Drac Pack will go to destroy Dracula, even if it means working alongside a Satanist who they know has an ulterior motive for wanting Dracula dead.   No one from the Drac Pack trusts Lupeski but they go along with him anyways.

We see some development of the vampire mythology here as the silver bullets are shown to affect Dracula just as real bullets do.   We also see that while the bullets are harmful to Dracula, he can get rid of them by changing into mist and having the bullets fall out.   This clashes somewhat with a story in Dracula Lives! where a cowboy shoots Dracula with silver buckshot and Dracula carries the buckshot in him for many years.  Why Dracula was able to escape the silver bullets in one story but not the other is never explained.   In any event, the silver bullets prove harmful and I'm sure that it's no coincidence that Anton Lupeski had thirty silver bullets crafted (alluding to the thirty pieces of silver that Judas Iscariot was paid to betray Jesus Christ).

Janus' death will put Dracula on a path that will see himself consumed by wrath and eventually question his own belief in God and Satan and where he stands in the cosmic scheme of things.