Cover Date: November 1977

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer

Colorist: Tom Palmer

Letterer: John Costanza

Editor: Marv Wolfman

.Main Characters: Dracula, Domini, Frank Drake, Quincy Harker, Harold H. Harold, Rachel Van Helsing, Blade, & Anton Lupeski

Synopsis:: Dracula's son Janus is dead, killed during a battle between Dracula and his now dead foe Anton Lupeski.  Dracula wonders why whether he can return to his wife and whether what is best for her.

Elsewhere, the Drac Pack ponders what Dracula's next move will be.  Quincy Harker tells them that they are lucky to be alive after their last encounter with Dracula.  He tells them that Dracula is now mad with revenge and will likely lie low now that his coven has been destroyed.  He tells them that they must take advantage of Dracula's setback so they can destroy him once and for all.

Dracula then discovers that his wife is attempting to raise their dead son from the grave.  Dracula knows that the dark forces involved will corrupt his innocent child and that he must remain dead.  He will do whatever is necessary to prevent such an unholy resurrection.

Meanwhile at Midnight Publishing, Harold H. Harold turns in his last script and tells Aurora Rabinowitz that he is leaving town.  He cannot take the lifestyle of violence that comes with being a vampire hunter.  He bids Aurora farewell but she tells him that they she will cancel her date so she can spend a goodbye dinner with Harold.

 Dracula scours the Boston area searching for his wife.  He is determined to stop her at all costs.  Dracula soon finds her engaged in some sort of dark ritual to bring her dead son back to life.  Dracula fights to stop her but he is too late.  Somehow, Domini summons the mysterious being of light that has been hunting Dracula down and transforms her son into the being.  Dracula asks Domini what she has done.  She tells her son that Dracula is his father and must remember that but the now adult Janus tells her that Dracula is a murderer and must die.

NOTES: This issue marks the transformation of the baby Janus into the mysterious being of light that has hunted Dracula throughout the centuries.

This issue also gives us a good look at the character of Harold H. Harold.  While Harold has found himself thrust into violent situations by nature of his association with Dracula and the Drac Pack, at heart he prefers the quite life and he cannot take anymore of the violence he has been exposed to.