Cover Date: January 1978
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Illustrators: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterers: Joe Rosen
Colorist: Michele W.
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Janus, Frank Drake, Rachel Van Helsing, Topaz, & Domini
Synopsis:  Dracula's wife Domini agonizes over the upcoming battle between her son Janus and Dracula.   She wonders how she can choose between them and whether or not she can stop the battle.   Janus enters thr room and tells her that the battle cannot be stopped.   Dracula is an evil being who must be stopped.   Even now, he is feeding on the blood of an innocent woman.   Janus changes into a golden eagle and flies after Dracula.   Using his angelic powers, Janus cleanses the body of Dracula's latest victim, ensuring that she will not raise again as a vampire.

Janus and Dracula battle with neither combatant getting the upper hand.   Dracula claws at Janus' face then summons the lightning to strike Janus.   Janus redirects the lightning back at Dracula and it strikes a tree, smashing the tree to pieces.   Dracula changes into a bat and flies away.   Both men know that they will meet again.

Elsewhere, a mysterious force attacks a woman walking the streets of Boston.   A tentacle wraps itself around the woman and slays her.

Meanwhile, Domini recalls her life in a convent and how she left it only to be married to Dracula.   She loves Dracula and she loves Janus.   She knows that both men will stop at nothing to destroy one another.   She wishes she could stop the battle but the future has been set and there is nothing she can do to stop it.

In Boston, an ambulance races through the streets carrying a mysterious cargo.   In the ambulance, two attendants puzzle over the four female bodies they have found, each devoid of hair.   The attendants are in for an even bigger shock when Dracula attacks the ambulance, seeking blood.   The Lord of Vampires goes to drain the female bodies only to discover that they have already been drained of blood.   Dracula leaves the ambulance attendants to wonder over what they have seen.

The four females leave the ambulance and begin walking towards an old mansion atop Satan's Hill.   Dracula follows the females to the mansion and he is invited inside by a mysterious voice.   When he enters, he is surprised to see that the inside of the weathered mansion is a gleaming Roman palace.   Dracula hears a woman's scream and goes to investigate.

Dracula finds a woman being held captive in the palace.  He recognizes her as Topaz, the woman he'd last seen with a werewolf in Transylvania.   Topaz tells Dracula that she summoned Dracula to rescue her from what lies beneath Satan's Hill.

Elsewhere in Boston, Frank Drake is summoned to Satan's Hill.   Rachel Van Helsing watches as Frank leaves her, his eyes glazed over.

One last person is summoned to Satan's Hill-Janus, the son of heaven and hell.  

Four people have been summoned by a strange evil that is intent on destroying all four. 

This issue features another battle between Dracula and his son Janus.   Once again it's difficult to get into the battle as Janus easily outmatches Dracula in the power department.   The true battle takes place on an emotional level as father must battle son, and vice versa.   Equally gripped by emotion is Domini, who must watch her husband and her son battle in a conflict that she knows is preordained.

Topaz makes a return appearance in this issue, the prisoner of whatever monstrous force is lurking beneath Satan's Hill.   She is in desperate straits and calls on Dracula to save her. 

This issue provides some suspense as the reader tries to figure out what evil force is summoning Dracula, Topaz, Frank Drake, and Janus to it.  Marv Wolfman does a good job of keeping the comic fresh with new characters (as well as old favorites) and new situations to put them in.