Cover Date: March 1978
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Illustrators: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterers: John Costanza
Colorist: Tom Palmer
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Janus, Frank Drake, Rachel Van Helsing, Topaz, & Domini
Synopsis:  Dracula has been summoned to a house on Satan's Hill.  There he finds the woman known as Topaz, now a prisoner in the house.  Topaz relates how an evil force abducted her and brought her to the house.   She tells Dracula that the house is at a doorway to hell.

Not far away, a mesmerized Frank Drake drives towards the house as Rachel Van Helsing follows him in another car.   The angelic being known as Janus flies towards the house.   Both men have been summoned there. 

Rachel watches as Frank Drake enters the mansion on Satan's Hill.   She tries to go in the door that Drake entered through but the door will not budge.  Some strange force is keeping her out.

Drake enters the mansion where he is greeted by Janus.  Sensing that Drake is in some sort of trance, Janus uses his powers to clear Drake's mind.   Dracula and Topaz make their presence known and the four of them are then greeted by a mysterious voice.

The voice tells the quartet that they have each been summoned for a particular reason.   Dracula has blasphemed the name of his master too often and must be humiliated then destroyed.   Janus represents all that the voice loathes while Frank Drake is an example of the weaknesses of humanity.   Finally, Topaz possesses a power that if she learns how to use it, could destroy the voice.

The quartet are transported from the mansion into the confines of a Roman arena.   A tentacled monstrosity sits in the middle of the crowd and Topaz senses that it is the ultimate evil.   The creature tells Janus that it must destroy Dracula if Topaz is to live.

Janus and Dracula decide to attack the creature.   They engage in battle but are rebuffed by the creature.   The creature envelops the quartet in a ring of fire.  The creature then forces Janus to do battle with Dracula.   Janus uses his eye beams and takes out Dracula. 

The tentacled creature is shocked to see Janus triumphant for Dracula was supposed to win.   Janus then attacks the creature, enveloping it in flames.  The illusion of the arena disappears and the creature asks its master why it has abandoned him. 

Outside the mansion, Rachel Van Helsing is greeted by Domini.  When Van Helsing tells Domini that she cannot open the door, Domini tells her that the door will open for her as she knows its master.   The door opens and the two enter.

Meanwhile, Dracula is back on his feet and he attacks the tentacled creature, taunting it and saying that death itself could not hold him.   Janus tells Dracula that they must leave before the house is consumed in flame.

Domini and Rachel arrive on the scene and Frank tells them that they've got to get out of the mansion.   The trio flee the burning mansion before it explodes.   As they do, Topaz returns to Dracula, telling him that she felt compelled to stay behind with him.  Janus changes into a golden eagle and saves himself, wondering how Dracula survived his assault, unaware that the tentacled creature's master kept Dracula alive for some sinister purpose.

Outside the mansion, Domini asks Frank if Dracula escaped.   He tells her no and says that Dracula must have been destroyed.

However Dracula and Topaz have not been destroyed.   Instead, they find themselves transported to hell.  Dracula hears a voice tell him that he has been summoned to answer for his life and unlife.   When Dracula tells the voice to show itself, he comes face to face with Satan.   Satan tells Dracula that Dracula will never leave hell.

This issue features an interesting but somewhat confusing battle between a Satan spawn and the unlikely team of Dracula and Janus.   At first, the tentacled creature is seen as easily overpowering Dracula and Janus.   However later on, Janus and Dracula are rather easily able to subdue the creature.   No explanation is given for the change in power.

Once again we see another mysterious aspect to Domini.   Here, she is able to open the door to the mansion on Satan's Hill because in her words, she "knows its master".  

This issue sees Dracula come face to face with Satan, a being that claims Dracula as its creation, and who has summoned the Lord of Vampires to answer for his actions.   This will set the stage for an interesting change of events in Dracula's life.