Cover Date: May 1978

Writer/Editor: Marv Wolfman

Illustrators: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer

Colorist: Francoise M.

Letterer: Denise V. Wohl

Main Characters: Dracula, Topaz, Quincy Harker, Rachel Van Helsing, Frank Drake, and Domini

Synopsis:: Dracula and the woman known as Topaz find themselves before Satan.  Satan takes them to Hell where he tells them they will both be destroyed.  Dracula is to be destroyed because the birth of his son Janus has brought forces to the Earth that could tip the balance of power between good and evil.  Likewise, Topaz must die because when she reaches the age of 21, she will possess the ability to absorb hatred and fear.  

Satan displays his power before Dracula and Topaz and tells them how he must exist so mankind has a choice between good and evil.  He tells Dracula that his punishment will make him pray to the God he never acknowledged.  Dracula is struck down as Satan prepares to eliminate Topaz.

Back on Earth, Quincy Harker, Rachel Van Helsing, and Frank Drake are stunned at the love Dracula's wife Domini is displaying.  They question how she could love such a monster.  Rachel Van Helsing lashes out at Domini but stops when Domini confronts her with the fact that she has become obsessed with Dracula's destruction, shutting out all emotion.  Frank Drake tries to get Rachel to say she has love for him but she cannot.  Rachel admits that she has never known love her entire life.  

Elsewhere, a contract killer is hired by the father of a young woman recently slain by Dracula. The hit man vows that Dracula is as good as dead (if he only knew!).

Back in Hell, Satan prepares to destroy Topaz until Topaz's powers suddenly manifest themselves, saving her life.  Satan disappears in a flash of light and Dracula finds himself  back in Boston.  Unfortunately for him, he has appeared near Rachel Van Helsing.  Van Helsing prepares to fire her crossbow at Dracula when she is stunned by Dracula's appearance-somehow, Dracula has been transformed into a living, breathing human!

NOTES: This issue continued placing Dracula in new predicaments rather than going with yet another "Drac Pack hunts Dracula" story.  Here Dracula is confronted by Satan himself (or so he thinks,  Any appearance by Satan in a Marvel Comic is usually dismissed as a lesser demons posing themself off as the Lord of Darkness) and in a very interesting story development, Dracula becomes human.

This issue's confrontation between Dracula's wife Domini and Rachel Van Helsing illustrates the cold, lonely life Rachel has lived.  When Domini accuses her of being consumed by hate, Rachel admits that she has never experienced love her entire life.