Cover Date: July 1978
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Illustrators: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterers: Denise Wohl
Colorist: Francoise M.
Editor: Marv Wolfman

Main Characters:  Dracula, Janus, Frank Drake, Rachel Van Helsing, & Quincy Harker
Synopsis:  Rachel Van Helsing tells the Drac Pack and Janus how she met Dracula in a Boston alleway and realized that he is no longer a vampire.   With Dracula now human, the Drac Pack wonder whether or not they can kill him as he's no longer the undead but a living, breathing man.   If they kill him now, will they be guilty of murder?

Elsewhere in Boston, a hired killer unearths a vampire to find out who killed his employer's daughter.   The vampire tells the assassin that Dracula did the killing, giving him the information he needs.

Meanwhile, Dracula wanders the streets of Boston as he tries to cope with his new existence as a mere mortal.   He comes upon a woman in an alley who is shooting up heroin.   The woman invites Dracula back to her apartment.   Forgetting that he is no longer bound by the restrictions of a vampire, Dracula asks permission to enter the dwelling.   He then looks upon a crucifix but it no longer holds any sway over him.

The woman (named Harriet) asks Dracula if he wants any drugs.   Dracula replies that he does not want any stimulants to affect his thinking as he must have a clear mind.  

Suddenly, two thugs crash into the apartment.   They tell Harriet that she was a fool to return there and that she should never have stolen from Wild Jack.   The two men start slapping Harriet around but Dracula intervenes, catching a bullet in his shoulder for his trouble.   Dracula suddenly realizes that bullets now can affect him and he wastes no time going after Harriet's assailants, hurling one of them out of the apartment window.  

Just then, the police arrive.  Harriet is reluctant to tell the police what happened so the police take everyone down to the station.   Dracula steps out into the light and is unnerved by the daylight.  

Later that day, Harriet finally confesses to what really happened in her apartment and Dracula is set free.   The police tell Dracula that he is a hero as he saved Harriet from two known members of the mob.   A photographer takes Dracula's picture, angering the former Lord of the Vampires.   The police tell Dracula that they need to ask him a few questions but he bolts from the station house, eluding the police.   Even though he is a human, he is still a fierce warrior and more than capable of eluding any hunter.

As the police hunt for him, Dracula realizes that he must have a vampire bite him so that he can become a vampire once more.   The question is, who to have the honor?   He thinks about it and decides that his daughter Lilith is worthy of the honor. 

Dracula is walking through a park when he is approached by some children.   One of the children asks him for money so he can buy a pretzel.   Dracula realizes that he has no money and that he must deal with a new set of problems now that he is human.

Lost in thought, Dracula is nearly struck by a passing car.   When he confronts the driver, he soon finds himself being chased by a mob who somehow sense that there is something wrong about him.

Back at Quincy Harker's apartment, the Drac Pack watch the news and learn of Dracula's heroic deed with Harriet.  A picture of Dracula is shown then the newscaster talks of Dracula's run-in with the motorist and the mob that chased him.   Quincy Harker notes that Dracula does not know how to cope with his new identity and that he may make a fatal mistake.

Dracula's plan to travel to New York City to find Lilith takes him to a private airfield where he hijacks a small airplane to take him to New York.

Back in Boston, the hired assassin loads his gun.   He remarks that Dracula is no longer a vampire but that it makes no difference as he had silver bullets just in case.   The assassin leaves his room and prepares to go to New York to complete his job.

Dracula has had many adventures but nothing like this one where he is now a human and coping with the loss of his vampiric powers.

Marv Wolfman does a great job of highlighting the differences as well as the similarities between the vampiric Dracula and the human Dracula.   We see Dracula is no longer affected by the crucifix or daylight.   Furthermore, he no longer has to ask permission to enter a private dwelling.   Despite the loss of his powers, Dracula is still a fierce warrior as seen by his actions at Harriet's apartment.   He also maintains an air of evil that make people distrust him (as seen when a mob gathers to chase him down).   Despite being able to walk during the daylight, Dracula is seen as preferring the night.

One troubling aspect of the story is the ease with which the assassin who has been hired to kill Dracula tracks him down.   It seems as if the assassin just stumbles across a random vampire who just happens to know who (Dracula) killed his employer's daughter.   Still, it's interesting to see someone besides the Drac Pack hunting down Dracula, especially with the twist that it's someone hired by the father of a woman slain by Dracula.