Cover Date: November 1978
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Illustrators: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterers: John Costanza
Colorist: Framcoise Mouly
Editor: Marv Wolfman
Consulting Editor: Jim Shooter

Main Characters:  Dracula, Lilith, & Harold H. Harold
Synopsis:   In Greenwich Village, Dracula attends an art show in search of his daughter Lilith.   Only she will be allowed to return him to his vampiric state.   As Dracula walks about, he wonders how he will find Lilith as she could be in a host body that he has not seen.   However as he searches for Lilith, he happens upon a couple enjoying the art show and something tells Dracula that the woman before him is Lilith.   Dracula follows the man and woman to an apartment where he confronts the woman.   Sure enough, she turns into the form of Lilith and attacks Dracula.   She swears to Dracula that she is going to make him suffer being killing him.

Lilith makes Dracula run a gauntlet as she chases him about New York City.   She changes into a bat and claws at him.   She is going to make Dracula pay for killing her mother.

Back in Boston, Domini meets with Janus.   She tells him that she wants to be there to comfort Dracula through the ordeal he is undergoing.   Janus tells her that Dracula has a lesson to learn.  She pleads with him, reminding him that he is Dracula's son.   However Janus reminds her that his sould belongs to another and that the future has already been written.

Not far from Dracula, Harold H. Harold takes his date to a play entitled The Passion of Dracula. The play is interrupted by the battle between Dracula and Lilith with Lilith summoning rats to tear and bite into Dracula.   Dracula fights the rats off as best he can.   When Harold sees Dracula, he wonders why he isn't using his vampiric powers to protect himself.   Harold approaches Lilith only to be knocked aside.  

Dracula runs out of the theater only to walk into a thunderstorm which has been summoned by Lilith.   To add to his misfortune, he is chased by a pack of dogs Lilith is controlling.   As he fights off the dogs, a crowd of hypnotized people chase after him.   As Dracula flees, Lilith takes great delight in Dracula's misfortune and tells herself that wherever Dracula goes, she can follow.

As Dracula fights for his life, Harold H. Harold phones Quincy Harker, only to get Frank Drake on the phone.   Harold tells Drake that Dracula is in town and that Lilith is after him.   The Drac Pack waste no time in taking a taxi to Harold.  Rachel Van Helsing senses that Dracula is finally their for the taking.

Meanwhile Dracula curses himself for seeking out Lilith.  He should have known that she wouldn't help him.   As he tries to stay a step ahead of Lilith, he realizes that he must turn to his son Janus for help.

After a short time as a human, Dracula is more than ready to become a vampire again.   However he will not let just any vampire turn him.   Indeed, he searches out his daughter Lilith to do the black deed.   Unfortunately Dracula's ego gets the best of him and he is painfully reminded by Lilith as to how much she despises her father.   Lilith makes Dracula run a gauntlet throughout New York City as she toys with her father, taking great delight in his suffering.

Poor Harold H. Harold cannot escape from Dracula or the Drac Pack.     Even though he has left Boston to begin a vampire free life,he soon finds himself embroiled with the Drac Pack again (he even finds himself attending a play about Dracula entitled The Passion of Dracula).

The trial that Janus refers that Dracula is going through continues in this issue as he must deal with his vengeful daughter.   Lilith is more than a match for Dracula when he ha his vampiric powers.   Here, all he can do is hope to escape her wrath and stay on the move.