Cover Date: February 1979
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterers: John Costanza
Colorist: Michele Wolfman
Editor: Marv Wolfman
Consulting Editor: Jim Shooter

Main Characters:  Dracula, Quincy Harker, Frank Drake, Rachel Van Helsing, Harold H. Harold, & Janus
Synopsis:   Dracula stands atop a building in New York City, cursing Satan for changing him into a mortal.   Dracula's son Janus arrives and tells Dracula that he cannot help him become a vampire again.   However he can transport Dracula to his home at Castle Dracul in Transylvania.   Dracula looks around and sees that Janus has transported the Drac Pack as well.   They waste no time in attacking Dracula, forcing him to flee through the castle hallways.

Dracula uses a secret door to temporarily elude his pursuers.  He finds a female vampire named Marissa resting in her coffin and tells her that she  will have the privilege of transforming him into a vampire.   However Marissa claws at Dracula's face and tells him that he is no longer her master.   She answers to a vampire named Torgo and Torgo has ordered that no one is to aid Dracula.   Marissa transforms into a bat and flies away.

Rachel Van Helsing and Frank Drake find Dracula and attack him.   Rachel fires an arrow from her crossbow but Dracula ducks out of the way.   Then Frank Drake jumps onto Dracula only to be tossed aside.   Dracula begins choking Rachel, telling her that the last decent Van Helsing was her grandfather.   Fortunately Frank Drake is able to stop Dracula before he kills Rachel.   Frank borrows one of Rachel's arrows and dives after Dracula.   The two men wrestle for the arrow and Dracula gets it, stabbing Drake in the process.

Eager to get away, Dracula races out of the castle and finds himself at a graveyward.   He realizes that some unknown force has led him here.   He watches as several vampires emerge from the ground and attack him, clawing at him with their talons.

The vampires disappear and Quincy Harker shows up with Harold H. Harold pushing his wheelchair.   Dracula is on one knee as Harker approaches.   Dracula tells Harker to slay him if that is what he came here for.   Dracula cannot believe that he will die like this, defeated by a crippled old man.   Dracula calls on God to save him.   Harker asks Dracula if he heard him right.   Harker asks Dracula if he renounces Satan.   Dracula tells him that he renounces Satan with every being of his fiber.

Quincy Harker's voice changes and he rises from his wheelchair, transforming into Satan.   Satan tells Dracula that he promised Dracula that he would make him suffer a fate worse than eternal death.   He gloats that Dracula now belongs neither to heaven nor to hell, a combination that is worse than Dracula will ever suspect.   He tells Dracula to suffer the sin of pride then departs.  Dracula realizes that he is a vampire again.

Meanwhile, the Drac Pack find Dracula.   Frank Drake wants to go after Dracula but Quincy Harker tells him not to bother.   Someone else has got to Dracula and he is now a broken man.

The storyline featuring Dracula as a mortal wraps up with this issue and we see that while Dracula has been restored to his vampiric state, he is now a broken man.  

This issue saw a return to the Drac Pack chasing Dracula.   Here, they chase him throughout Castle Dracul with Dracula using his knowledge of the castle's secret passageways to stay one step ahead of them.   Even without his vampiric powers, Dracula manages to survive until he is restored to his vampiric state.   By then, Quincy Harker senses that Dracula is a broken man and that there is no need to pursue him.  

When Dracula engages the vampire Marissa about transforming him into a vampire, he learns that there is a new vampire lord named Torgo.   Now that he has become a vampire again, Dracula will have to fight to regain his mantle as King of the Vampires.