Cover Date: April 1979
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Illustrators: Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Letterers: Jim Novak
Colorist: Carl Gafford
Editor: Marv Wolfman
Consulting Editor: Jim Shooter

Main Characters:  Dracula
Synopsis:   Dracula hides behind a hay filled cart, unsure of what to do next for he is being hunted by a swarm of vampire bats.   Once he commanded all of them but they serve a new master now and they are intent on destroying Dracula.   Dracula decides to cross an open field and is discovered by the vampires.   In bat form, they descend upon him like a black cloud, ripping at his flesh with their razor sharp talons.   Dracula changes into a bat and attempts to fly away to safety.

Meanwhile a widow named Maria Turaka tends to her ill child.  She knows that she must get medicine if her child is to survive but she dares not go outside with the vampires on the prowl.  Realizing that her daughter will die if she doesn't get medicine, Maria decides to risk it all and sets out to go into town.   She leaves her other children behind and tells them to wear the crosses she has given them.

As the night progresses, Dracula finds himself barely ahead of his pursuers.     He spots a potential victim below him (who turns out to be Maria Turaka) but is rebuffed when she displays the cross before him.   Dracula then heads for the nearest house he can find, stumbling upon Maria's home where her three children are.

With the vampires close behind him, Dracula pounds on the door and asks to be let in.   Even though their mother told them not to let anyone in, the children invite Dracula in. 

Elsewhere, Maria finds her cart stuck in mud.   Fortunately for her, the Drac Pack is driving through and they take her in.   They tell her that they will get her and her daughter to a doctor.

The vampires chasing Dracula surround the house and demand to be let in.   When the children refuse, they begin pounding at the house, intent on destroying it.   They then summon rats to force the children and Dracula out.   Dracula fights off the rats and for a moment, the children repel the vampires with their crosses.   However the children lose heart and fall to the ground crying.

Left with no other choice, Dracula takes a crucifix and uses it to repel the vampires.    He goes outside and repels the vampires with the cross.   Not long after, Maria arrives with the Drac Pack and the children tell her that a good man saved them and went to repel the dark ones all the way back to hell.

This issue showed Dracula facing the unusual scenario of his being chased by the vampires he once commanded.   Here, he finds himself fleeing for his undead existence until he stumbles upon a house occupied by a scared trio of children.   Dracula helps them fight off the vampires by holding a cross (even though it burns his hands in the process).

This issue gave us a look at what life in Transylvania is like with vampires around.   Here we see that the population of humans are prisoners in their own homes at night.

We also see an interesting examination of the vampire mythology that states that a vampire cannot enter a home unless invited in.   Here, we see a swarm of vampires attempt to destroy a house that they are refused entrance to.   If the house is destroyed, can the vampires come in?  We don't find out because Dracula repels the vampires with a cross but it makes for interesting speculation.