Cover Date: March 1974 Issue

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Artist: Mike Ploog

Inker: Frank Chiarmonte

Letterer: Jon Costa

Colorist: P. Goldberg

Editor: Roy Thomas

Main Characters: Jack Russell, (Werewolf by Night), Topaz, Dracula, Frank Drake, & Rachel Van Helsing,

Synopsis: Dracula and the werewolf continue their battle in Castle Dracula until the werewolf's friend Topaz uses her mental powers to drive off Dracula.  Dracula leaves and seeks out new prey while Topaz leads the werewolf away, not certain if she can repel Dracula again.

Elsewhere, Frank Drake and Rachel Van Helsing arrive in Transylvania via helicopter only to be attacked by Dracula.  Drake manages to land the helicopter despite Dracula's attack and the two regroup and plan their assault on Dracula.

The next morning, the werewolf has reverted to its human form of Jack Russell and together with Topaz, he discovers how his great-great-great grandfather Baron Gregor Russoff became a werewolf.  Reading his ancestor's diary, Jack learns that the Baron sought revenge on Dracula after the vampire lord slew his wife in retaliation for not caving in to his demands. The Baron staked Dracula and dumped his coffin into the Danube.  He ransacked Dracula's home only to discover a young woman imprisoned in the castle.  He freed her, unaware that she was a werewolf.  When she turned into a werewolf she attacked Russoff, cursing him and his descendants to lycanthropy.  Jack also learns that werewolves are somehow resistant to Dracula's commands, knowledge which he intends to use against the vampire lord.

With Topaz' help, Russell prepares for his rematch with Dracula.  Using her mental powers, Topaz allows Russoff to maintain his human consciousness while he is in werewolf form.  A few hours later, Russell is again transformed into the werewolf as night falls and a full moon appears.  He hunts down Dracula who is busy sabotaging the helicopter of Drake and Van Helsing.  The werewolf attacks and once again the two monsters are embroiled in mortal combat.  Dracula senses that his foe is different and fights with a savagery not often seen.  Topaz senses that Dracula is winning and gives him the object he covets- the Russoff diary which in addition to a diary contains the Book of Sins.  Dracula stops his battle and takes the Book of Sins only to be confronted by Drake and Van Helsing.  Van Helsing fires a crossbow through the book and seizes it.  Before Dracula can stop her, he is attacked by the werewolf.  Drake and Van Helsing escape in their helicopter while Dracula fights off the werewolf.  Desperate to get the Book of Sins, he leaves the battle by transforming into a bat and chasing after the helicopter.

NOTES:  The second part of the TOD/WBN crossover finishes off with a somewhat inconclusive battle between Dracula and the werewolf.  This issue reveals how Jack Russell's family inheirted the curse of lycanthropy and we also learn that Dracula's formidable hypnotic powers are useless against werewolves

The Book of Sins (later known as the Darkhold) which Dracula covets is more than just a diary.  The book also contains powerful black magic spells including the Montesi Formula which can destroy vampires merely by speaking it.